Eating three meals a day plus a couple of healthy snacks in between is essential for keeping blood sugar levels stable and preventing energy slumps- but only if you choose the right snacks!

Fresh Fruit Smoothie

Chop up bananas and strawberries into a blender, add the yoghurt and blend for a minute if you like fruit chunks (or longer if you want it smooth and creamy). Pour into a glass, add ice if desired.

Fruit Kebab with Yogurt Dip

Skewer pieces of fruit. Soak some dried pears or apricots and simmer gently with a little water until tender. Puree until smooth then mix a spoonful into some natural yoghurt to make a tasty dip.

Peanut Butter Spread

Have some peanut butter or nut butter spread on oat cakes, crackers, or a wholegrain bagel. Add hard boiled eggs or slices of avocado for a delicious treat.

Pates or Dips with Vegetable Sticks

Buy or make your own dips and pates. Healthy choices include houmous, tzatziki, fish pate or guacamole, and eat them with chopped carrot, pepper, cucumber or celery.