And the Winner is...You!

SPAR Mini Carrot Snack Bag

Mini carrots which are gently washed and not peeled to ensure their crunchy freshness for longer.

SPAR Cottage Pie

Minced British beef with carrots and onions in a rich red wine gravy, topped with creamy mash made from potatoes farmed in Yorkshire and finished with a crunchy Cheddar cheese & ciabatta crumb.

SPAR Mince Pies

A luxurious mixture of soft moist vine fruit, peel, cherries, cranberries and walnuts with a dash of French brandy encased in golden, all butter pastry.

SPAR Chocolate Cheesecake Slices

Handcrafted in Somerset with a double baked base, the cheesecake is slowly baked then topped with a dark and delicious Belgian chocolate glaze.

SPAR Reduced Fat Creme Fraiche

This product is made with fresh Cumbrian milk and has 50% less fat than standard Crème fraîche.

SPAR Lamb Shank in Minted Gravy

Slow cooked for five ½ hours, delivering meat that is full of flavour and so tender it melts in the mouth.

SPAR King Prawn & Rice Noodle Salad

Rice noodles laced with vegetables and topped with fresh king prawns, accompanied with a creamy coconut sauce.

SPAR Mixed Berry Smoothie

Made from a mixture of fruit purees and juices which creates a tangy refreshing drink.

SPAR Dry Cure Unsmoked Bacon

100% British pork hand rubbed with salt and expertly dry cured for a fuller flavour.

SPAR Falafels & Spicy Houmous

Made from butternut squash and a mix of spices with a nutty chickpea houmous for dipping.

SPAR Butternut & Feta Supergrain Salad

Fresh flavour profile with a slightly nutty taste, with a separate dressing pot which adds a zingy lemon and mustard aroma when poured over the salad.

SPAR Extra Mature Cheddar White

With a bold and characterful flavour, a sweet and creamy aroma, and crunchy texture.

SPAR Fish Pie

A delicious mix of salmon, cod and smoked haddock with prawns in a cream and white wine sauce, topped with buttery mash made from potatoes farmed in Yorkshire and finished with a crunchy Cheddar cheese and ciabatta crumb.

SPAR Low Fat Natural Yoghurt

Smooth and creamy low fat natural yoghurt in a large sharing pot, ideal for cooking or with desserts.

SPAR Meatball Pasta Bake

Meatballs with penne pasta in a tomato and herb sauce, topped with creamy Béchamel sauce.

SPAR Mozzarella, Pesto & Sunblush Tomato Premium Pizza

Hand-stretched, sourdough pizza hand-topped with Italian mozzarella, sun-blush tomatoes and then drizzled with a delicious basil pesto.

SPAR Roast in the Bag Whole Chicken

Whole British chicken with 'Red Tractor' approval is seasoned and ready to cook in the bag for a delicious moist finish.

SPAR Salt & Pepper Half Chicken

Higher welfare chicken raised to 'Red Tractor' standards, coated with a salt and pepper seasoning with a little kick.

SPAR Spicy Chicken Chickpea and Bulgar Wheat Salad

Spicy and fruity chicken grain salad with a pot of crème fraiche dressing and a fork for on the go eating.

SPAR Strawberry Trifle

SPAR Strawberry Trifle. Whole strawberries in a strawberry flavour jelly topped with layers of sponge, vanilla flavour custard and whipped cream.

SPAR Stuffed Crust Cheese Feast Pizza

An elaborate blend of a mild and slightly sweet Edam, creamy Mozzarella, sharp mature Cheddar and a rich Red Leicester cheeses.

SPAR Sweet Potato Wedges

Skin on sweet potato wedges tumbled in a lemon, rosemary and thyme dressing.

SPAR Turkey Feast

Turkey with Lincolnshire pork sausage, sweet notes from cranberry sauce, mayonnaise, herby stuffing, smoke flavoured bacon and red onion on malted bread.