And the winner is...You!

SPAR Raspberry Conserve

Made from specially selected sweet and fruity raspberries with intense red colour and rich aromatic taste.

SPAR Dried Mango

Sweet, tangy mango that can be eaten on the go.

SPAR Earl Grey Tea

With bergamot which has natural aromatherapy qualities, this drink is famous for its calming qualities.

SPAR Korma Cooking Sauce

Mildly spiced creamy sauce with coconut, coriander and cumin.

SPAR Bubblegum Mushrooms

Delicious bubblegum flavoured mushroom-shaped foam jelly sweets. The line is part of SPAR 3 for £1 confectionery grab bags.

SPAR S-Budget Energy Drink

A value drink with big flavour, confidently compete against the leading brands to offer customers value for money.

SPAR Wholewheat Fusilli

Wholewheat Fusilli is an excellent source of complex carbohydrates.

SPAR Mini Flapjack Bites

Yummy golden brown flapjack squares made from chewy buttery oats.

SPAR Fruit & Oat Cookies

All butter cookies made in Scotland using only premium ingredients. The soft chewy cookie wraps around juicy sultanas and apricots.