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Exercising regularly is one of the best things you can do for your physical and mental health with its greatest benefits including; helping to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight, maintaining or increasing muscle mass, reducing your risk of chronic disease and improving your own mental health.

There are a huge variety of exercises, exercise programs and sports out there for you to start your fitness journey. However, before you do, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Why do I want to start my fitness journey? (To Challenge myself, meet new people, lose weight) 
  1. What is my body and mind currently capable of? (I get nervous when out of my comfort zone, I can jog 1 mile) 
  1. What do I want to achieve on my fitness journey? (Run a 5k in under 30 minutes, lose 5lbs, have fun) 
  1. Am I physically and mentally well? (Before undertaking any fitness plan, it is advised to seek your Doctor’s advice first.)

Once you have answered the questions above, you can now go and have fun in exploring the physical activity and sports you want to give a go. Don't be afraid, have fun trying everything from jogging, yoga, gym work, sports and even fitness classes on YouTube from your own home!

Tips for beginning your own fitness journey:

  • Make realistic goals - is it possible to achieve your goal, or is beating Dina Asher-Smith's UK record out of reach? 
  • Keep your goal in mind - remind yourself daily as to why you are on this fitness journey. 
  • Start gradually - if you have never been a regular fitness fanatic in the past, take it slowly and build up your workouts. Too much too soon will lead to overwhelm and injuries. 
  • Find something or someone that motivates you - who or what inspires you to put that pair of trainers on and go out for a run? Remind yourself daily, be inspired daily.
  • Follow a programme - following a fitness program is one of the best ways to ensure you will stick to your new regime. There are thousands of programs out there on the internet, the app store, YouTube and in magazines & books. Just remember the answers to your questions above and you can find the right one for you.
  • Make it part of your day- fit it around your everyday life, whether thats first thing in the morning, during your lunch break or after work. However best it works for you, implement exercise into your day as if it’s an important meeting you just can't miss!
  • Optimise your nutrition - eating the right foods will fuel you for your exercise and make you feel more ready to start. 
  • Listen to your body - if you're not used to working out, be mindful of your limits and listen to your body. If you feel tired or pain, stop!