Are you a modern day nomad?

Living busy and constantly on the move? NOMADIC have built a great food and drink range for just you. Designed to be the perfect snack to accompany people on their journeys and adventures through busy day-to-day life. Grab a Cluster pot as a quick breakfast on the move, a muesli bircher as a filling snack between meetings, or a refreshing Lassi or Chai treat after a busy day.

New Product Launch!

We're excited to announce the launch of NOMADIC'S new product range, Coconut Chai and Spiced Chai yogurt drinks exclusive to SPAR*. Made with their signature yogurt and blended with tea and spices from around the world.

To celebrate the launch of these new drinks, we’re giving away some great goodie bags! Click on the image below to enter!

What’s in a NOMADIC goodie bag?

Each cooler bag is stocked with:
Chai Cups
Cluster pots
Mango Lassi
Coconut Lassi 
Blueberry and Raisin Bircher Muesli  
Blueberry Yogurt Oats Drink
Apple and Banana Yogurt and Oats Drink

For more information visit

*SPAR exclusivity date range 15th September - 6th October