The Spanish Omelette. While it may share the same name as a classic omelette, it’s a dish in its own right. Larger, fluffier and often served cold – the Spanish twist brings a whole taste of its own. Find an easy Spanish omelette recipe below and whip up something new the next time you’re in the kitchen.

Your Spanish Omelette Ingredients List

Made up of only a handful of basic ingredients – traditional Spanish omelette recipes stick only to these. If you want to go outside the box and add a few twists of your own – cheese, vegetables, meats and different spices can all be added for a lively new take on the classic dish.

  • Serves: 1-2
  • Prep Time: 10 mins
  • Cook Time: 40 mins

What you'll need

5 Eggs
200ml Olive Oil
Pinch of Salt & Pepper
Sprig of Parsley

1 Onion, chopped
400g Waxy Potatoes



Start by peeling the potatoes, then chop them into chunks or slices, whichever you prefer. Slice the onion, and set both to one side.

Heat all the oil in a pan on a medium heat, then place the chopped potato and onion in the pan to fry. Leave on a medium heat for around 25 minutes to let the ingredients stew in the oil. Once the potatoes have softened, you can strain the potato and onion mixture – setting some the oil aside for frying the egg mixture.

Set the potato and onion to one side, and crack all 5 eggs into a jug. Whisk together until well-mixed, before adding the potato and onion. Add your parsley, salt, pepper and any other spices you want to use to flavour.

Once all the Spanish omelette ingredients are mixed together, pour the entire mixture into a lightly oiled pan on a moderate heat. When cooking a Spanish omelette, it’s important to retain its thickness. Using a pan too large will result in a flat omelette, so use a smaller, slightly deeper pan to make sure the mixture doesn’t spread too thin.

Use a spatula to keep the shape while the mixture solidifies, and continue to fry until it sets. Next, use a plate to flip the Spanish omelette around and fry the top get an all-round crisp effect.

Once cooked, let it cool, plate up and enjoy!

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