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SPAR Employees - Love Summer

This summer we will be running two customer competitions in order to drive traffic to your stores and increase basket spend. The two programmes will be “Love Summer Prizes” and “Love Summer Days Out” and will run from P4 for 6 weeks (13th June - 24th July).

How does it work?

Voucher Box

• 900 Love Summer Prizes Scratch Cards
• 1800 Love Summer Days Out Vouchers
If you need more vouchers please contact your BDM.


Q: What is the difference between Love Summer Prizes and Love Summer Days Out?

A: Love Summer Prizes is a digital based competition that aims to drive incremental traffic to stores by enticing shoppers with the chance to win prizes. Love Summer Days Out is a basket spend driving initiative which will reward shoppers that spend £7.50 or more in-store.


Q: How do I know which vouchers/scratch card to give to customers?

A: Love Summer Prizes communications are in pink and Love Summer Days Out communications are in yellow to distinguish the two initiatives. When shoppers show a “Love Summer Prizes” digital advert you will need to give them a pink “Love Summer Prizes” scratch card. They will scratch the card to reveal a unique code, then enter this into the website to see if they have won.

For the Love Summer Days Out initiative, you will need to give shoppers who spend £7.50+ the yellow “Love Summer Days Out” voucher. This will allow them to redeem discounts online on attractions and activities.


Q: Where shall I send customers if they have a question?

A: Please ask shoppers to send their queries to:


Q: Can I request more vouchers/scratch cards?

A: For more vouchers or scratch cards please contact your BDM.


Q: What exclusions are there in the £7.50 basket spend?

A: Fuel, services and tobacco


Q: Can staff use the day’s out vouchers?

A: If a staff member spends £7.50 or more in-store, they can qualify for a Days Out voucher. Vouchers should not be given to those that do not qualify, as the aim of the initiative is to drive basket spend.

Q: Is there an age restriction on the initiatives?

A: Only those 18 or over can enter both Love Summer Days Out and Love Summer Prizes. Only people 18 or over will receive the adverts via digital media to enter Love Summer Prizes. However, you may need to ask for ID if you deem a shopper who qualifies for Love Summer Days Out to be under 18.




Q: Can staff use the scratch cards?

A: No members of SPAR UK can enter this promotion as it is risk managed and insured based on shopper redemption.


Need help? Contact your BDM.