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From omelettes to French toast, eggs are an adaptable but essential breakfast food. Even so, sometimes normal breakfasts just won’t cut it. Bring a breath of fresh air to the breakfast table and have some fun with your little ones with our easy egg recipes.

Tasty, easy to make and all-round crowd pleasers, here are some Easter breakfast ideas we know you’re going to want to poach. Whichever you choose, you’ll be sure to have a cracking reception from the kids.

Easter breakfast ideas

1. French toast roll-ups

As far as yummy breakfast ideas go, French toast is a must. Our first Easter breakfast idea is to take your usual French toast and wrap around bacon. Bite sized, they’re a fun addition to the breakfast table. Cut the crusts off regular fresh bread, brush with French toast mixture and wrap around cooked bacon. Place your roll-ups in a hot pan (seam side down to secure the shape) and cook until crispy. Why not try a selection of fillings, such as mozzarella cheese or sausages? You can even make them sweet with peanut butter, bananas or maple syrup.

2. Scrambled egg cups

Fluffy eggs are a breakfast staple, so mix things up with our scrambled egg cups. Make your scrambled eggs as usual and add cooked vegetables, sausage, or bacon and season to taste. Now for the fun bit! Cut small circles out of a flour tortilla to fit snugly in your muffin tin. Once the tin is lined, pop in your mini tortillas and briefly bake until crispy. Fill each tortilla cup with your scrambled eggs and finish with a layer of cheese. Bake until your cheese is melted and serve to smiling faces.

3. Egg and soldiers

We all know that kids love eggs and soldiers. For an Easter twist, put two pieces of toast in the top of the opened egg to look like a bunny. Draw a bunny face on the egg shell, present in a fun Easter-themed egg-cup and you’ll have them hopping mad for this easy egg recipe. Try pairing with a yummy smoothie or breakfast parfait for the ultimate healthy breakfast.


4. Easter Omelette Waffles

Keep the kids happy with this quick and easy Easter omelette. Make your omelette mix as usual and add chopped ingredients like cheese, peppers, ham, or chicken. Pour onto a hot waffle iron and wait until cooked through. If you don’t have a waffle iron, another of our favourite Easter omelette ideas is to cook in a frying pan and cut out fun shapes with a cookie cutter. Serve with a dollop of their most-loved sauce and you’ll be on to an egg-ceptionally tasty breakfast.

5. Sunny side up fried eggs

For another yummy breakfast idea, use an egg mold to create fun shapes with your fried eggs. Look out for bunny rabbits, faces or other Easter-themed shapes and make sure to plate up on some buttered crunchy wholegrain toast. Season to taste and enjoy!

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