Halloween is upon us! Which means you need to be putting the final touches on that costume. You know, that one you’ve been working on for months? Right? 

Don’t worry, we understand only too well the last minute scramble to find a cat costume (with the result being a little more “mangy roadkill” than “sexy kitten”). No thanks! To save you from any costume fails, we’ve collected several of our favourite and easiest costumes to make. Counting down from hardest to easiest, these costumes all required minimum effort, but deliver maximum impact!

5 Days to Go – LEGO Block

Estimated prep time: 3 hrs

This eye-catching costume is easily made from a cardboard box, six plastic containers and colourful spray paint. Fun for all ages, it’s simple and easy!

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4 Days to Go – Bag of Jelly Beans

Estimated prep time: 1.5 hrs

Want the sweetest costume in town? Grab a transparent big bag, make holes in it for your arms and legs and fill with colourful balloons. Tie the bag up with some ribbon to complete the look, et voila!

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3 Days to Go - Jelly fish

Estimated prep time: 2 hrs

A plastic brolly, a few colourful streamers and optional large cartoon eyes – that’s all this really cute costume takes. Plus, it’ll keep you and the kids dry if there’s a shower while you’re trick or treating.

2 Days to Go - Crazy Cat Lady

Estimated prep time: 1 hr

Maybe the warmest and cosiest costume we’ve seen, the crazy cat lady is a particularly cute one for the kids. Cuddly toys, a dressing gown and a few stray hair curlers – nailed it!

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1 Day To Go - God’s Gift To Women (or Men!)

Estimated prep time: 15mins

Admittedly a brave choice, there’s no denying that this costume is achingly easy. All it requires is a label to tie around your neck and super confidence.

Phew – panic over, and not a crummy cat or wretched witch in sight! For everything else you might want this Halloween, head down to SPAR UK to check out what tasty treats and naughty tricks are on offer.

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