Fun indoor Activities for Kids

Looking for some fun ways to keep the kids occupied whilst you’re stuck at home? When spending so much time indoors, it can be hard to think of new ways to entertain the kids and keep their brains working at the same time. That’s why we’ve pulled together some of our favourite indoor activities for kids. From games to play at home, to indoor crafts for kids that require nothing more than the items you already have at home. 


Games to Play at Home with the Little Ones

These games don’t require special supplies or equipment – only materials that you can find round the house or in the garden. Check out some of our favourite games to play at home below:


  • DIY laser maze - Make use of a narrow hallway and some extra string or a roll of tissue paper/ribbon. Attach your “laser” to each side of the hallway and create a course for your child to make their way through as a fun challenge to play indoors.
  • Tic Tac Toe - Get the kids to find 10 stones and 4 sticks in the garden. Split the stones into two groups of five and paint crosses on one half, and noughts on the other – or play around with the paint and turn your stones into bumble bees and ladybirds! Then, set up a game of Tic Tac Toe on the grass using the sticks. It’s a great way to get your kids thinking and you can get creative with the paint, too.
  • Freeze! - Play a game of musical statues! An ideal way to get in a little boogie and some exercise, and a great way to add a bit of fun to your day. All you need is some music and some excitable kids!
  • Treasure Hunt - Take a few regular household objects and hide them in different rooms. Write your clues on individual slips of paper, leaving each one with one of the objects to help them find the next. Kids love a treasure hunt and you can make your clues educational too – whether that’s with a Maths equation or a riddle. It’ll get them thinking and keep them occupied.
  • Guessing Game - Lay out an assortment of items on a tray for everyone to memorise. Then, as you close your eyes, one person takes away an item and the other players have to guess which item has been removed.
  • Chocolate Face -This one involves placing a piece of chocolate (or any other food!) on the upper cheek and using the facial muscles to get it into your mouth and eat it. Whoever completes this challenge the fastest, wins.


And obviously there are plenty more indoor games for kids to play. Have you got a list of games you enjoyed playing when you were younger, that your kids might want to try out too? You could play some card games, board games, a series of homemade quizzes or any of the classics – like Hide and Seek, Simon Says and jigsaw puzzles.

Indoor Crafts for Kids

One fun indoor activity for kids is crafts. Instead of throwing away your used-up milk jugs, juice cartons and cereal boxes, why not use them for some arts and crafts? You can practice eco-friendly repurposing and have fun whilst doing it! Here are some of our favourite indoor crafts for kids using old food packaging:


With a cardboard juice or milk carton, build an easy garden birdhouse! All you need is a stapler, hole punch, paint and wire or string. Start with the paint and let the kids have a little fun with the decorating. Bright colours are best so they can spot it hanging in the garden through the window. Once dry, cut a round hole in the side of the carton, just big enough for a bird to get in and out. Then, pierce several holes in the bottom of the carton to allow for water drainage. Punch a small hole through the top of the carton to thread your string or wire through and hang the finished product in a tree!

Homemade plant pots

Drank all your milk? Instead of throwing your plastic milk jugs into the recycling, why not put them to good use in the garden? Start by rinsing them out with hot soapy water and let them dry. Then, cut the milk bottles in half so you’re left with your “plant pot”, and poke small holes in the bottom to allow for drainage. Fill your planter with soil and add your seeds. Then continue to water and see your plant grow! You could even turn them into hanging plant pots by punching out a couple of holes and attaching some string.

And before you plant, let your kids decorate! You could paint an array of smiley faces or just go crazy with patterns to add some more colour to your back garden.

Row of miniature houses

The shape of milk and juice cartons is ideal for creating a row of miniature terraced houses. All you need is some paint, brushes and glue. Let your kids paint and decorate their miniature houses and then glue them all together to make a row – the perfect backdrop for their next Lego adventure!

Homemade bunting

Use unwanted cereal boxes or other cardboard food containers to create some bunting for your home. Start by cutting out some triangles and punching a hole through the tops so they point down. Then, let your kids decorate! Play around with feathers, glitter, paint and any other crafty materials you have lying about the house. All you need to do then is let them dry, thread some string through the holes and hang up your homemade bunting on the wall.

The most important thing to remember is to have fun with your indoor crafts for kids. Hunt the house for empty toilet rolls, old scraps of fabric and other materials to play around with. Let them get creative with materials and see what they come up with! Just remember to protect your tables with old newspaper or sit them outside on the grass if you’re expecting lots of mess.

Easy Ideas for Cooking with Kids

Throw a mini family party with movies, an indoor den made of blankets and cushions, and plenty of snacks! While you’re at home, take some time to teach your kids to cook with some simple recipes as a fun indoor activity for kids. Looking for some inspiration? We’ve listed a few of our favourite dishes to try when cooking with kids below:



With the current health risks, try not to venture out if you’re just missing one ingredient. Our recipes are fully adaptable so play around with what’s in your cupboards first and see what you can make! Popping out for the necessities? Head to your

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