A bit new to this whole sports thing? Don’t know your taekwondos from your taekwondon’ts? You’ll need to buck up your ideas Sonny Jim because the Olympics are back!

If you want to participate in meaningful conversations around the water cooler over the next month you’ll need to get the vocab sorted. Never fear though – we’re there for you with a handful of hacks to get even the newest of sports fans through the next few weeks (without a leotard in sight)!


Fake It Till You Make It

With so many sports on at Rio, you can easily hide your ignorance with a few choice facts. If someone starts talking to you about the swimming, hit them back with a track and field fact. Memorise these 6 phrases to deploy at will.

1. Usain Bolt is a sure thing for the 100m!
2. So good to see Phelps back in the water – what a legend!
3. Did you know Tom Daley was treated for PTSD after that camera flashed during his dive in London 2012?
4. If Bradley Wiggins gets any medal, he’ll be Britain’s most decorated Olympian. Crazy huh? But will he still be decorated with those crazy sideburns?
5. With a name like that, Muhammad Ali needs to win for Britain!
6. I can't believe it's been 112 years since they last had golf as a sport in the Olympics.

Hide your Olympics ignorance with a few facts

Throw An Olympics Party

No one will question how much you are into the Olympics if you throw an Olympics themed party. Only a super fan would do that… right? Wrong. As easy as some mini Olympic torches (made from popcorn and ice cream cones) or a selection of international beers – you’re all set!

Obviously, SPAR has got all the supplies you need. Your house, your rules!

Challenge Colleagues to Office Olympics

With Olympic fever at its peak, it’ll take next to nothing to convince your colleagues to compete in some office-based Olympics. Basketball? Paper wads into the rubbish bin. The hurdles? Office chairs in the hallway. Weightlifting? Picking up colleagues, in order of weight.

Look – we didn’t say it would be exactly the same as the real games, but it will distract from those boring conversations and who knows, you might even have fun at work…

Challenge work colleagues to an Office Olympics
So there you go – three foolproof ways to fluff your way through the Olympics.

If, somehow, these don’t work, just remember - you can always actually watch the games! Turns out, they are pretty popular for a reason…