With summer finally here, it can mean only one thing... holidays!

Whether you’re beachbound, jetting off for a city break or enjoying a staycation, one thing’s for sure, holidays are a whole lot better than they used to be. Don’t believe us? Here’s some holiday horrors we’re happy to send on permanent vacation.


1. Are We Nearly There Yet?!

What do you mean, being bundled into the back seat with arguing siblings, damp sandwiches and the same cassette on repeat for hours doesn’t sound fun?

These days, we can’t promise that the kids’ll behave, but at least you can wave goodbye to soggy sarnies and stock up on delicious snacks from SPAR beforehand.

2. Lousy Locations

We’re sure our parents weren’t trying to find the worst holiday locations, but somehow they always managed it. Whether it was full of cockroaches, had creepy neighbours,or you know, was right in the middle of a nudist German campsite… We’ve all been there, right? RIGHT?! Wait a second…

3. Getting Lost

Dad might claim to be a natural navigator but let’s be honest, he’s no Christopher Columbus. Thankfully, his legendary “short cuts” (which added hours to a journey, let’s not forget) are a thing of the past.

Cheap air travel and satellite navigation, we salute you!

4. Dodgy Tummies

Remember that time you drank the local water? Yeah, we bet you do. Some lessons are learnt the hard, unforgettable way.

Stick to the bottled drinks, everyone!

5. “Have you got everything? Are you sure?!”

Remember when mum would make you pack everything and the kitchen sink, “just in case”? These days, simply grab a bit of hand luggage and off you go.

With SPAR in 42 countries around the world, it’s safe to say, the world won’t end if you actually do forget your toothbrush.

Phew, how did we ever do it?! If all this holidaying chat sounds too much like hard work, why not recreate the flavour of your favourite destination at home? From paella to pizza, SPAR has the taste of the world just around the corner.