If you are the kind of person who needs an excuse to throw a party, the Olympic Games are a golden ticket. Especially this year, as it’s Team GB's best overseas performance ever! – yahoo! Go team!!

The excitement about Team GB’s medals is as big as Tom Daley’s trunks are small, so this is the perfect time to get your pals round to celebrate. Especially as the closing ceremony is fast approaching, this is the last weekend to replicate your own version!

We’ve uncovered an abundance of Olympic-themed food and drink to share with you, not to mention a few majestic closing ceremony-esque displays you can have a go at. So call your friends and watch with pride as Team GB take to the podiums – this is our guide to hosting the Ultimate Olympic Closing Ceremony!



You have two choices with the food. The challenging (but very rewarding) option is to make snacks which correspond with competing countries. We’re thinking:

  • Great Britain - Fish and Chips
  • Germany - Hot Pretzels and Beer
  • France – Crepes and Cheese
  • Italy - Pizza
  • Australia - Vegemite on toast
  • Japan - Sushi
  • Canada - Maple syrup and bacon pancakes
  • USA - Apple Pie
  • Russia - White Russians or Moscow Mules

Sounds too much like hard work? Never fear! There’s an infinitely easier option - just think rings and colours. Onion rings, doughnuts, party rings all resemble the Olympic Rings, and specific colours immediately create Olympic vibes on your table.

Blue, yellow, brown, green and red – collecting colours together in this way isn’t too difficult due to the wealth of options, and frankly, it screams “OLYMPICS!”


Similarly to food, there’s lots of options for Olympic drinks at your party. We particularly like the Olympic martini – which is nothing more fancy than adding fruit-flavoured ring-shaped sweeties to the bottom of the glass.

If you’re feeling really brave, you can do Olympic shots - blue Curacao, Crème de Banane, coffee, Midori and Aftershock cinnamon liquer. (Alternatively, you could just buy in a selection of international beers!)

Closing Ceremony

Even when millions are spent on the Closing Ceremonies, they don’t always go without a hitch. Your home ceremony might just be better than the real thing!

Costume Time
Challenge your guests to wear their best closing ceremony outfits. Thinking high design and diamonds? Errr…. Not really. Lets face it, you’re amongst friends (and probably not quite an Olympic level athlete) so the sillier the better on this one folks!

Go all out and dress head to toe in a tracksuit (Team GB patches optional) or take the easy way out and drape a flag round your shoulders like a champ, we’ll leave the technicalities up to you.

Olympic Flame
Forget lighting or carrying the torch; the Closing Ceremony is all about extinguishing the Olympic flame. That bittersweet moment that signals the end of the games (and regular TV viewing recommencing). Want to tackle this Olympic ritual at home? Well then strike up a match, light some candles and gather everyone together to blow them out before the end of the night. Home-made Olympic Torch, check! Fancy party ambiance, check!

Be careful on this one though, the after party clean-up is bad enough without having to tackle pesky burn marks as well!

Now, we know what you’re thinking – there’s no way you can compete with the fireworks display of the OLYMPIC GAMES, right?! Well… think again. Remember this epic fail? Even a handful of sparklers would beat this! Nailed it!


There you have it – the Ultimate at home Olympics closing ceremony! With another 4 years before you can throw another, you better make this a good one! For all your party goodies, head down to SPAR UK – we’re there for you.