Romantic Heart Shaped Pizza

Cooking for Valentine’s Day comes with its own set of rules, traditionally leaning on more romantic meal ideas to match the atmosphere of the night. Whether you’re an experienced rustler upper of fine cuisines or it’s your first time trying something outside the realms of simple suppers – there are Valentine’s Day meal ideas for all tastes and abilities to try this year.

Valentine’s Day Starters

Prawns Sautéed in Butter and Garlic

The Versatile Seafood

Okay, so not everyone is a fan of seafood. But for those that are, you can’t go wrong with prawns. Light and easy to prepare, prawns are perfect for whipping up a quick yet versatile starter. Lightly fried in a little butter or oil and served up on their own, with a touch of rocket or in an accompanying broth, they’re the perfect way to get things started.

Grilled Lemon and Tomato Asparagus

The Elegant Vegetable

For a vegetarian alternative, asparagus is another versatile romantic food for Valentine's Day. Pan seared in a little butter and seasoned with salt and pepper, they’re super easy, too. Serve on their own, or pair with fried button mushrooms and some warm bread.

Selection of Appetising Soups

The Go-To Soup

If your Valentine is a stickler for soup, whip up a batch of their preferred choice. Whether that’s a seasonal favourite like carrot and coriander, or something a little more wholesome like chicken noodle or minestrone. A good stock blitzed together with your favourite veg and added meat of choice is the perfect way to start things off.


Valentine’s Day Mains

Slow-Cooked Beef and Root Vegetable Stew

The Warming Stew

Valentine’s Day dinner is nothing without an impressive main. A slow-cooked, wholesome stew is often the best way to say I love you after a long day. Why not treat them to a beef and red wine take on your traditional stew recipe to add a touch of sophistication to your Sunday classic? Combine diced beef with vegetables and a beef and red wine stock and simply leave to cook.

Spaghetti Tossed with Tomatoes and Basil

The Classic Pasta

No Valentine’s Day food list would be complete without a dish from Italy. Spaghetti or linguini tossed with a tomato and basil sauce and accompanying fish or meat is a great way to combine some of your favourite flavours to make romantic food for Valentine's Day that you’ll both remember.

The Perfect Rare Steak

The Perfect Steak

For meat lovers, there’s often only one way to go for Valentine’s meal ideas – steak. Customised with a select choice of accompaniments and a complementing sauce, steak can be served up completely to your Valentine’s liking.  Cook it to the perfect level of doneness and you’ll get extra points, too. Find out how to cook the perfect steak to nail it first time.


Valentine’s Day Desserts

Homemade Cheesecake with Raspberries

The Any Cake

Just as things appear to start winding down, you can bring out the show stopper. Cheesecake, cupcakes, layer cake – cakes of any kind are always well received after a delicious few courses, and February 14th is no different. Homemade is always best if you can, so put your skills to the test and bake them something they’ll remember. If you want to try something that will really leave a lasting impression, why not add their favourite confectionery for a personalised twist.

Dipping Fruit in a Chocolate Fountain

The Naughty Fruit

For the lazy chef who wants to make just as good an impression, fruit can go further than just a salad. Much, much further. In the spirit of romance, there’s no better way to invite indulgence to Valentine’s Day dinner than to introduce a chocolate fountain. Dip strawberries, cherries, pineapple and even apple in the chocolate mix and share together.

Decadent Strawberry Trifle

The Custom Trifle

As customisable as they come, trifle is a quick fix for Valentine’s Day desserts. For those who don’t quite fancy tackling a bake, trifles are the perfect solution. Fill a cup with chocolate, cake, sweets and fruit as well as a custard, sauce or cream of your choice. The best part is, you can’t go wrong! Simply mix, match and serve.


When it comes to Valentine’s day meal ideas, there’s no real right or wrong. Simply take to the kitchen and whip up anything you know your Valentine will enjoy. Already booked a table somewhere this year? Surprise them with a Valentine’s Day breakfast instead.

Prepared your menu and ready to start? Pick up everything you need for your Valentine’s day dinner at your local convenience store. Or if you’ve run out of time, why not cheat just this once with one of our Deliciously Easy Meals?