Summer Kick Off Party

Here’s our guide to throwing an effortless start of summer party:

1. Start a Whatsapp group. Get your friends to commit, peer pressure is great in these situations.

2. If you’re organising your party around key sporting events such as Wimbledon, remember all of your mates may not share the same need to celebrate wildly for EVERY point!

Chicken Fajitas

3. If there’s one thing we know, it’s food. Get the snacks right and you’re off to a winner. Lucky for you, we’ve got plenty. If you’ve got more time, try our delicious  chicken fajita recipe.

Stock up Wisely at your Local Spar

4. Running out of booze at a party is a seriously BIG no no! Stock up wisely beforehand. If however you find John has had more than his fair share, SPAR is just around the corner to help you out.

Prosecco Cocktails

5. ‘Ah….you’re so thoughtful…’ Want to hear some more of that noise? Well then you better make sure the ladies are well looked after. Our Award-winning Prosecco should do the trick. It can be used to rustle up some simple cocktails too.

6. Have plenty of bins around the place. This sounds like an obvious one but trust us, you will be thankful at 10am the next morning.

A Hearty Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day

7. Last but not least, Breakfast. The most important meal of the day becomes even more important after a late night. Make sure you’re well prepared with a cooked breakfast for your pals (or bacon butties are an easy alternative). At SPAR we have all you need, fresh bread, eggs, bacon, sausages and the rest. Find your local store now.

So there you go - minimal effort, maximum fun!