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SPAR Coylton looks bigger and better

Since opening the SPAR in Coylton in 2004, independent retailer Chris McCallum has given the store a few facelifts over the years.

The 2300sq ft store at 2 Murray Park, Joppa in Coylton provides a fantastic convenience offering to the area and has just undergone a 4-week refit. New refrigeration has been installed to support the substantial range of soft drinks, chilled foods and produce as well as increasing the range of chilled beers, ciders and wines.

Retailer Chris McCallum said: “We aim to keep the store up to date with the ever-changing shopping habits of our customer base. Feedback so far on the store is that it appears brighter and so much bigger, and the enhancement of the range has been really well received.

“The new fridges have also allowed us to increase our fresh range, providing both a quick on-the-go snack and a complete solution for an evening meal.

“And more importantly working with Zero Waste Scotland and Energy Savings Trust the new refrigeration will reduce the store’s carbon emissions by 22%. Plus we’ve installed new electric doors which will improve accessibility to all our customers.”

Every re-fit has come with something new and this time round customers can now look forward to picking up tasty Food-To-Go options in-store such as Costa Coffee, Tango Ice Blast, F’real frozen milkshakes, Browning’s bakery products and Rollover hot dogs.

Mike Leonard, Sales Director for SPAR Scotland, said: “The significant investment in this SPAR Scotland store once again reflects the passion and dedication of our independent retailers. SPAR Coylton has been a key part of the community for 17 years and the investment in the store re-fit ensures that it reflects the needs of our customers.

“The new food-to-go services coupled with the excellent ranges will make sure that SPAR Coylton is the place to shop.  At SPAR Scotland this futuristic approach very much embraces our ongoing commitment to redevelop our business through supporting both our independent retailers and by investing in our store estate.  Chris is an excellent example of where we want our stores of the future to be – forever evolving.”

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