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Community SPAR Crosshouse Hosts Burns Night

SPAR Crosshouse hosted a special Burns Night event

SPAR Crosshouse in the small village of Crosshouse in East Ayrshire, two miles from Kilmarnock, hosted a spectacular Burns themed event last week ahead of Burns Night on 25 January.

Taking place on 20 January, the store provided customers visiting the SPAR store with Scottish themed goody bags, Scottish product samples from family-owned PK Foods, BARR and Browning’s, plus licensed samples of Scottish whisky and gin. There were also prizes to be won from SPAR’s spinning wheel.

In addition to the fun and activities, a very special donation took place during the festivities. A piper from Kilmarnock Pipe Band was in attendance and SPAR Scotland proudly donated £3,000 towards the pipe band’s youth programme called ‘Creating Positive Pathways’.

Paula Middleton, Marketing Manager for SPAR Scotland, said: “When we heard about what Kilmarnock Pipe Band do for the local community of Kilmarnock and the tragedy of losing one of their young people last year, we knew we had to help. They are learning from this devasting tragedy and their response was setting up the KPB Youth Programme ‘Creating Positive Pathways’. We think this is a great way for them to support young people and we are very happy to give them the £3,000 donation which we hope will help with the programme’s running costs.”

2023 marks 90 years of Kilmarnock Pipe Band serving the Kilmarnock community. Meeting this fundraising goal means they can continue to develop their young players with their top-level coaching team and represent the community at the highest level of competition, including the World Championships which attracts an audience of 40,000 spectators on the day and many, many more via livestreaming. 

Pipe Major Paul Warren from Kilmarnock Pipe Band said: “We can’t put into words just how much this partnership means to us, it is obviously a massive financial boost, but furthermore, to have such support from your local community is something that goes much deeper and provides a sense of pride and belief in all of us. 

“Our KPB Youth Programme ‘Creating Positive Pathways’ is all about improving young people’s lives through creating positive pathways to new skills, educational and vocational opportunities, and a sense of belief in positive future outcomes.  We want our young people to have pride in their community and our community to have pride in its young people.”

Following a major refurbishment last year, SPAR Crosshouse offers local residents of the village in East Ayrshire a vast array of products and services including a great food-to-go offer.

SPAR Crosshouse employs 23 local people and has been serving the local community for over 30 years. The store is open from 07:00 – 22:00 Mon – Fri, 08:00 – 22:00 Sunday at 14 Kilmarnock Road, Crosshouse, KA2 0HA, Kilmarnock.

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