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Food SPAR shines spotlight on own label

Leading symbol group SPAR is launching a new customer focussed initiative called ‘Spotlight’ this month, which looks to get SPAR’s best own label ranges into maximum distribution, across the entire UK SPAR estate and grow SPAR Brand.

The Spotlight product list is made up of over one hundred SPAR own label lines, from across all categories including fresh, frozen, grocery, impulse and BWS. All are great sellers in the stores currently ranged, fulfil key customer shopping missions, and deliver shopper value for money. The new initiative is focused on increasing own label penetration, as well as overall category growth and commercial delivery.

Jamie Seymour, SPAR UK Head of Brand, said: “Our Spotlight initiative is all about shining a light on the very core of our SPAR Brand range – the own label products that customers expect to find in every store, which deliver on quality, value, and margin.

“Having a strong own brand is necessary. It is our unique selling point and should be non-negotiable. To be able to offer an excellent product that has the same name as the store fascia, is critical.

“In total we have named over one hundred SPAR own brand lines that fulfil key customer needs. These lines are great sellers. They have strong consumer resonance, and more importantly offer excellent value for money, and strong category margins – to target driving both the sales line, and the profit line.

“Having a truly credible and compelling proposition for SPAR brand is the single biggest opportunity that we all have for driving shoppers to our stores, gaining their repeat custom, and their ongoing loyalty.

“By offering a value for money own label range and layering in differentiation through choice, hero category excellence, and regional expertise, we will stand out for our customers, and keep them coming back for more.”

With one hundred award wins for SPAR own label products over the last year, SPAR consistently outperforms and has quality deeply rooted in its offer.

“From a new product point of view, we have been remarkably busy too. We have launched over fifty new products this year, all focused on hitting key unmet customer needs. We have extended ranges within crisps, nuts, yogurts, salads, dips, sausages, sauces, frozen meal components, home care, wine, and paper products. We are single-minded in our mission to deliver high quality products at excellent value for money prices, to hit our customers’ needs.”

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