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Food 'tis the season for sprouts!
Tis the season for sprouts as James Hall & Co. Ltd sources new supplier for SPAR stores

Sprouts are back on dinner plates as autumn arrives and James Hall & Co. Ltd has struck up a new deal with a sprout supplier for the colder months ahead.

James Heyes & Sons, based at Mossborough Hall near St Helens, are providing sprouts for SPAR stores across the North of England this autumn and winter – and they are on the shelves now.

Coming in 500g bags that are perfect for feeding a family, they are a fantastic quality addition to the dinner plate to accompany hearty roasts and warming stews.

The Heyes brothers of James and William are the third generation of the family business, founded in 1941, and they have been growing sprouts for 40 years.

Potatoes are also cultivated on the land which is enriched by compost from the Heyes’ green waste recycling plant also located at the farm.

The Heyes brothers recently invested in a packing machine to supply sprouts ready for retail as they look to add a different dimension to their business portfolio.

James Heyes said: “We are very pleased to be working with a like-minded family business in James Hall & Co. Ltd who are committed to selling a quality product through a supportive commercial relationship.

“Retail is a new avenue for us this season, and we are proud to see our products on the shelves to support families across the North of England this autumn and winter with a tasty and nutritious product.

“We grow several varieties of sprout at Mossborough Hall that are harvested at different points of the season, so we have a plentiful and consistent supply of high-quality sprouts in the run up to Christmas and beyond.

“We have also had the first frost of the season too, which helps deliver an improved sweeter flavour, and we hope customers enjoy our sprouts as much as we do.”

Wilf Whittle, Fresh Trading Manager at James Hall & Co. Ltd, said: “I’m delighted to be working with James Heyes & Sons to supply SPAR stores in Northern England with sprouts this autumn and winter.

“The varieties that the Heyes brothers’ grow are superb. They care about every aspect of the development, from planting early summer to the recent nurturing and harvesting.

“They also look after their land well, and the stalks have developed brilliantly. I was taken aback with the vibrancy of the green and the incredible taste.

“James and William clearly are hugely passionate about the produce they supply, and we are very excited to see how these perform in our SPAR stores. If you like sprouts you will love these.”

James Hall & Co. Ltd is SPAR UK’s primary wholesaler and distributor for the North of England. The company serves a network of 600 independent SPAR retailers and company owned SPAR stores six days a week from its base in Preston, Lancashire.

You can find out more about James Hall & Co. Ltd at

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