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SPAR UK's Tree Planting with The Tree Council 2023

SPAR UK's Commitment to Tree Planting and Supporting Local Communities: A Closer Look at the Partnership with The Tree Council

SPAR UK dedicated a day working with The Tree Council, taking part in their Trees Love Care campaign. This eco-friendly campaign consists of taking care of the newly planted trees, a great way to stay connected to the trees that have been planted.

SPAR's Marketing Controller Gee Lilwall commented on the day saying:

“This was a wonderful opportunity for SPAR employees to work with this amazing charity and give back to the community!"

This took place in Adhurst Estate Allotments which covers just over 12 acres, including the Petersfield Community Garden where SPAR UK gave back to the community. The day included several newly planted trees being weeded, mulched and cared for as part of the Tree Love Care campaign. Hundreds of seeds were also gathered as part of the Seed Gathering campaign. This great initiative helps SPAR give back to communities and care for the environment. Visit the link to find out more about this campaign and how you can get involved!

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