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Spooky sweets to movie treats, pumpkin carving to costume tweaks!
Explore our ghoulishly great Halloween ideas & blogs for ideas to make it your best ever Halloween...

Halloween Starter Kit: Fiendish Inspiration & Halloween Party Ideas

Whether you're throwing a spooky soiree or bunkering down for a Halloween scare-a-thon, SPAR's Halloween starter kit is brimming with ideas. Discover more.

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Spooky Cocktails for Spirits Festival

SPAR's Spirit Festival means you can serve up a selection of spine-tingling cocktails at your next Halloween party

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Scarily Good Halloween Cocktail Recipes

Terrified at the thought of poor cocktails ruining your Halloween party? Have no fear, we’re there for you with our scarily good Halloween cocktail recipes.

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Spooky Halloween Party Food Ideas

Top 5 Ghoulish Halloween Party Food Ideas

Hosting a Halloween party? We’ve come up with some spooky party food ideas that are guaranteed crowd-pleasers. Get inspired today.

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4 Easy Halloween Cake Recipes

4 Spookily Easy Halloween Cake Recipes

Looking to surprise your Halloween party guests? Check out our recipes for haunted Halloween cakes, easy to make and deliciously tasty!

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Your Halloween Party Checklist

Your Halloween Party Checklist

Got everything you need for your Halloween party? Read our Halloween Party Checklist and make sure you’re ready for this year’s spooky soirée.

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How To Make Spooky Halloween Punch!

Learn how to spook your friends and family with this great Halloween punch! A concoction of sweet, sour, and fizzy ingredients to form a gruesomely tasty punch for kids and adults alike!

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The 7 Best Halloween Movies To Stay In For

The 7 Best Halloween Movies To Stay In For

Staying in for Halloween this year? That’s no excuse to miss the chance to scare yourself senseless. If you’re looking to send shivers down your spine, take a look at our top 7 Halloween movies you need to watch!

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5 Halloween Costume Ideas For The Hopelessly Unprepared

Halloween is upon us! Which means you need to be putting the final touches on that costume. You know, that one you’ve been working on for months? Right?

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6 Scarily Good Halloween Food Ideas

With Halloween approaching, the itch to start concocting some impressive Halloween recipes should be creeping up on you by now. Explore our 6 show stopping food ideas below.

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From Safety to Sweets: Trick-or-Treat Ideas For Little Terrors

Trick-or-treating is an exciting part of Halloween tradition. Our Trick-or-Treat ideas will ensure the little terrors have a safe, sweet-filled, enjoyable night.

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Thrills and Skulls: How to Host a Day of the Dead Party This Halloween

Put a Mexican twist on your Halloween celebrations this year, by celebrating the day of the dead. Read our guide on how to throw a day of the dead party.

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