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Breakfast Trends in 2022 that are a MUST try

Everyone’s favourite full English breakfast may still have a special place on our tables but traditional breakfasts, such as cereals, poached eggs and jam on toast are falling out of fashion.

According to a new report, there has been a 7% decline in sales for ordinary cereals between 2020-2021, but an increase in healthier food options and an 11% sales growth in frozen breakfast foods, such as frozen smoothies or yoghurt berry bowls. 

The Viral One: Overnight Weetabix Box

This breakfast trend has had millions of views on TikTok (with the top post getting over half a million likes alone!) with people adding new elements to make the high-protein meal. PT trainers and gym goers have been hopping on the trend and making the recipe using protein powder to make it a high-protein breakfast for after your gym sesh.

So why not spice up your cereal with this overnight oat Weetabix box, made with yoghurt and with toppings of your choice. For more convenienceTo make it even better, prepare it the night before and it's ready to go for the working week.

  1. Crush up two Weetabix and place them into a plastic container
  2. Add your desired choice of milk, mix and pat down to make a solid base
  3. In another bowl, mix your favourite yoghurt, protein powder (if you would like) and any flavoured drops, such as vanilla essence
  4. Spread on top of the Weetabix base
  5. Add your topping. If you would like a chocolatey top, you can add biscoff spread, or opt for a fruity top with mixed frozen fruit
  6. Put it in the freezer overnight and enjoy the next day!

The Pretty One: Mini Pancake Cereal

Looking for a more exciting cereal for the mornings? Then the mini pancakes cereal is for you - a fun new recipe idea that is made from lots of mini crispy pancakes! This versatile dish allows you to add whatever ingredients you want to your mini pancakes, such as a banana pancake mix for a protein boost.

Using the pancake mix of your choice, dot mini circles around your hot pan instead of filling it fully, toss each one until crisp, add to a bowl and top with milk of your choice and mixed frozen berries. To make it even sweeter, why not drizzle honey on top. Delicious! 

Frozen berries are a great food to have in your freezer as it makes breakfast time quick and easy and adds that extra zest and colour to every recipe. 

It’s also very satisfying to watch, with the top post on TikTok receiving more than 3 million views!

The Upgraded One: Breakfast Quesadilla

The traditional full English will forever be everyone's favourite British breakfast, but for a more exciting twist to this recipe, which still incorporates all your breakfast favourites along with a tortilla, try the breakfast quesadilla. 

Pour two whisked eggs into a hot pan, add a tortilla wrap on top, flip and cover one side with all your favourite breakfast ingredients, such as sausages, bacon, beans and so on. Fold over the side with no ingredients to sandwich the fillings, flip again and cut in half to make your quesadilla. Serve up and enjoy.

This recipe can be adapted to your own liking, whether you are a sweet or savoury person, so add what you have in the fridge and try it out…there are so many different options with more than 20 million TikTok posts tagged for #breakfastquesadilla!

The Trending One: Grated Egg and Avocado on toast

The hype around any breakfast dish involving avocado and eggs has been high for the last few years, and whether sliced or smashed it’s always a breakfast favourite. A healthy and quick dish that has great nutritional benefits, with BBC Good Food research stating that the ingredients can help protect against heart disease through its folate, fibre and potassium levels, as well as a range of beneficial Vitamins. 

With the British public loving this superfood, alongside the benefits of eggs and it being a quick breakfast recipe for when you are on the go, a new recipe has formed - Grated eggs and smashed avocado on toast. 

Simply grate your hard-boiled egg using a cheese grater onto your sourdough and smashed, chilli avocado and you're done. According to the top-rated TikTok, with over 360k likes, the secret is all in using a micro grater to get the finest egg shavings!

It is a firm favourite trending recipe right now, due to being able to pre-cook your boiled eggs and store them in your fridge until ready to use, perfect for when you are rushing around and just want a simple dish to start your day. 

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