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Brits won't let rain stop them when it comes to their devotion to the BBQ!

Brits won't let the rain stop them when it comes to their devotion to the BBQ, as 55% agree it is the best part of the British summer!

The first signs of summer have always been the signal for BBQ-loving Brits to fire up the grill and get ready for some al-fresco cuisine with their nearest and dearest, and 2022 looks set to be no exception with Google searches for BBQ ideas leaping over 100% in June.  As we get ready to get grilling up and down the UK, SPAR asked 1,000 people for their BBQ hits and misses and what they really need to get cooking on gas this year.


Dusting off the tongs and the deciding who gets to wear the chef’s apron, over half of those questioned (55%) said they think barbeques represent the best part of the British summer with 68% admitting that you can’t beat the feeling of enjoying time around the BBQ with friends and family in the sunshine!


That said it’s clear that the great weather isn't crucial when it comes to enjoying grilled treats with a quarter of those questioned (24%) admitting to still firing up the grill even if it’s raining, resorting to umbrellas to keep the food dry and delicious! Nearly a third (30%) said that they much prefer it to cooking in the kitchen, enjoying the social experience of being in the garden with the family with 59% of respondents saying they think food tastes better when it’s been done on a BBQ. In fact, there is a significant minority at 22% of hardcore fans who will even get grilling when they are cooking for themselves saying they are happy to BBQ alone.


Our survey also showed the popularity of easy-to-use-gas-fired BBQs as a simple way to get grilling with the minimum of fuss and preparation, with a massive 83% saying they didn't think using gas was cheating. With the unpredictable British weather, the convenience of being able to fire up the BBQ and be cooking in minutes means we can hit the grill whenever the mood takes us. 70% of those quizzed said they had a BBQ at least once a month over the summer months with nearly a fifth (17.8%) saying they had one weekly and 5% BBQing three times a week or more!


When it comes to what we are throwing on the grill, it’s a close run in the battle of burgers vs sausages, with quarter pounders taking the top spot, loved by 56% of respondents compared to 50% needing a banger in a bun. Chicken and steaks are also a top choice but as well as enjoying our BBQ meat 33% said that salad is a crucial element to a good grilling session and 37% said that sauces are a must have for their BBQ dishes. 

And whilst the classics are still favourites for many Brits 27% said that trying new flavours on the BBQ keeps it interesting and 19% are always looking for new inspiration to make their summer dishes as mouth watering as possible.

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