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Food & Drink Egg-citing Easter egg hunt ideas

Easter means the start of spring, glorious food and precious family time. What’s not to love? Spending quality time with the children is especially fun when you’ve got some great games and activities in the pipeline.

We know it can be hard to keep the kids entertained while they’re off school and very egg-citable. That’s why we’ve put together some exciting Easter egg hunt ideas that get the children involved and engaged. Ready? Let the Easter egg hunt begin!

Dairy free Easter egg hunt

Chocolate and dairy aren’t for everyone, and they can be difficult to avoid at this time of year. Whatever your reason for avoiding dairy, why not skip the chocolate as prizes and instead go for a dairy free Easter egg hunt? Instead of hiding chocolate, why not:

  • Hide small soft toys like rabbits and chicks
  • Make dairy-free Easter egg hunt eggs by filling hollow plastic eggs with vegan gummy sweets
  • Hide Easter party hats around the house as a clue to an Easter-themed party later on in the day 
  • Make cookies with coconut milk and dairy-free chocolate, wrap in foil and hide in the garden
  • Scatter creative supplies like pencils, felt tip pens and colouring books through the shrubbery

Bunny-themed Easter egg hunt

Theme the Easter egg hunt towards bunny rabbits. Get creative with the little ones and make bunny ears by sticking long cardboard ears to plain or old headbands. Let the kids decorate their bunny ears with paint, glitter, feathers or even flowers. Cut out medium-sized rabbit symbols from card (roughly the size of your palm), decorate them and label them with ‘CLUE’. Write your hunt clues on the back of the clue card and hide around the garden and house. To keep them in place, tape a cocktail stick to the bottom and stick into the ground. To make this an even better Easter egg hunt game, have the kids ‘hop’ everywhere on one leg and if they stop, they have to go back to the start!

Top Tip: For younger children, make ‘footprints’ or arrows from card and decorate accordingly. Place them leading to the clues or prizes for a successful hunt.

Easter egg scavenger hunt

One of our favourite Easter hunt ideas is to create a scavenger hunt. Give the kids a checklist of items they need to find and add to their basket. For younger children, add pictures or drawings of the items they need to collect. Include a mix of easy and difficult to find objects, ranging from leaves and pinecones to toys you’ve dotted around. Have a ‘star item’ on the list (make sure there is only one of these hidden) for an instant prize. We love this Easter egg hunt because it involves the whole family and really can be as easy or difficult as you’d like.

Indoor Easter games for children

The good old English weather might not turn out to be the best for an outside Easter egg hunt. Instead, keep them indoors and try a few of our indoor Easter games for children:

  • Use a crème egg, marshmallow or coloured boiled eggs to put a twist on indoor egg and spoon races
  • Fill different coloured plastic eggs with blue tac or similar to add weight to them. Place one egg (preferably a different colour to the others) in the centre of the room and take turns rolling your eggs to knock the egg in the middle. The one to knock the centre egg first is the winner.
  • Play ‘hot potato’ but with an Easter egg. Have the children chant ‘hot egg’ and throw the egg between themselves. The first one to drop the egg is out and the last child remaining wins the game.
  • Get the kids to roll plastic or boiled eggs with their noses across the table or floor. The first one across the finish line wins!
  • Alternatively, why not keep them happy and bake some yummy Easter cupcakes or Iced Easter biscuits?
Ready to get started with your Easter egg hunt? Visit your local SPAR for all the ingredients to make your Easter special. Make sure to get the little ones involved and have a hoppy Easter!
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