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Food & Drink Fakeaways: The New Kitchen Trend

Two thirds of Brits want to cook cheaper and healthier food at home, as fakeaways become new kitchen trend this winter

As a nation of food lovers we are all seduced by the thought of a takeaway after a long week but with budgets tightening new research has found that Brits spend a huge £167 a month on their favourite takeout, as two thirds (68%) admit they want to cook cheaper and healthier meals at home. 

The average person spends over £2,000 a year on takeaways, with Londoners forking out the most at £320 per month, followed by food lovers in the North East who spend £222 and Scotland at £182 per month. 

Gen Z’ers between 16-24 were the least likely to cook their own dinners - amazingly spending up to £340 each month to get their hands on their favourite delivery meals. Over 55s were the most savvy and spend only £82 per month, just half of the average across the UK. 

The research by community retailer SPAR, also found that men spend on average 37% more on takeaways than women, £203 per month compared to £128. 

With many of us taking a closer look at our spending habits it is no surprise that over half (53%) will be jumping on the fakeaway trend and cutting back on the amount of takeaways they order to save money, with 19% saying they had already started to spend less on ordering food. 

Whilst we are hoping to cook cheaper and healthier food at home, the popular fakeaway trend of recreating your favourite restaurant dish at home is the best way to keep the family happy this winter. 

And it seems Brits are hoping to cook up a storm in the kitchen with the top five dishes we would like to recreate at home revealed as: 

  1. Fried Chicken (25%)
  2. Chow Mein (24%)
  3. Spring Rolls (20%)
  4. Chicken Tikka Masala (19%)
  5. Thai Curry (14%)

To help shoppers make simple and easy meals at home whilst saving money and still tasting great, SPAR tasked popular TikTok creators Macey Newberry, Becki Jones and Zoe The Olive to beat the time of ordering a takeaway and recreate their own fakeaway at home. With dishes including pizza bagels, home made stir fry and cheeseburgers all made from scratch, shoppers across the UK are discovering why home cooked meals are a must this winter. 

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