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Five inspiring air fryer recipes to try at home as air fryer Google searches peak following Jamie Oliver’s new show

According to Google Trends searches for 'air fryer' peaked last week as Jamie Oliver's new series hit the screens, showing us how to make delicious dinners with an air fryer.

In the show Jamie’s Air Fryer Meals, the newly converted air fryer user takes viewers through a two-part series using the gadget to create everything from Roast Chicken to Prosciutto Baked Fish.

It is estimated that 12 million UK households now own an air fryer to help make quick and easy meals which are a healthy alternative to deep frying foods. And according to YouGov, 50% of Brits say they have used an air fryer and like it.

With top chefs including Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson and Gordon Ramsey all jumping on the new culinary bandwagon, community retailer SPAR has pulled together five inspiring recipes from TikTok for you to try at home.

Air Fryer Recipe #1: Crispy Skin Roast Chicken

Roast dinners are all about timings but getting the perfect, juicy chicken can take just an hour thanks to the air fryer. Simply prepare the chicken by using oil or butter and the herbs of your choosing, making sure the whole chicken is covered. Turn over after 30 minutes and voila, no messy basting involved!

Follow Becky Excell’s tips here to get that perfect roast chicken.

Air Fryer Recipe #2: Air Fryer Lasagne

Now this isn’t one for the faint-hearted but we can promise you the washing up is worth it!

Air fryer Lasagne means building your dish straight into the air fryer draw. So simply make your bolognese and bechamel sauce as you normally would, and then add two serving spoons of your bolognese mix to your air fryer and layer on fresh pasta and sauce. Build to your preference and cook for 30 minutes. Follow Planet Food’s video here to see how to do at home.

Air Fryer Recipe #3: Jammy Egg Bagels

If you are looking for an easy brunch idea or something to elevate your WFH lunches, Jammy Egg Bagels is the new trend to try out. Air fryers are perfect for cooking eggs and by adding a bagel with your favourite fillings you can create some dream combinations.

Take a look at Bored of Lunch Jammy Egg Bagel with Pesto and Cheese for a satisfying dish made in just 7 minutes!

Air Fryer Recipe #4: Melt & Mix Chocolate Chip Cookies

One for the sweet lovers, these Melt and Mix Cookies from Steph Cooks Stuff have been bookmarked thousands of times.

Her recipe means you just have to mix all your ingredients together (including a good amount of chocolate chips!), roll out the mixture into a log shape on cling film and pop in the fridge for 30 minutes. When it is chilled, slice into 1cm wide sections and you have your cookies ready for baking! Put them into your air fryer for 7 minutes and you’ll have hot cookies any time of day.

Air Fryer Recipe #5: Salmon Bites & Garlic Cream Sauce

A delicious way to enjoy salmon as a quick mid-week meal, these Salmon Bites with Garlic Cream Sauce from Sauced Up Foods are an easy recipe for the air fryer.

Cut your salmon into bite-sized pieces, add the spices or herbs you like and place them evenly into the air fryer. Make a garlic cream sauce with garlic, butter, cream, lemon and parsley and serve over mashed potatoes.

For more delicious recipes, from brunch ideas to gluten-free favourites check out more of our recipes and meal ideas

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