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Eight money-savvy recipes to keep the whole family happy this January with SPAR’s Spotlight Range

As many of us start the New Year with intentions to save money after Christmas, and searches for ‘cheap recipes’ on Google have risen by 146% in the last week, SPAR has announced a selection of affordable own-label products in the new Spotlight range. 

The combination of 125 best selling items available now in SPAR stores across the UK offer discounts on the things shoppers love most to help create family favourites that will keep everyone happy. To inspire you to get cooking this New Year (and stick to your budget!) we’ve come up with some exciting recipes with ingredients from the Spotlight range that your bank account will love.

The One for Cold Winter Nights - Chicken and Ham Pie

When you need something warm and comforting, who doesn’t love a pie? Filled with SPAR British Skinless Chicken Breasts and SPAR Breaded Ham, you can add any other vegetables you have in the cupboard, such as potatoes, carrots or broccoli to make this delicious dish. This quick and easy recipe starts with frying an onion, adding butter, flour and chicken stock, then a splash of milk or cream to thicken up the sauce. Add the roast chicken, ham and any vegetables to the pan and let it cool slightly before adding the pastry topping. Bake until the pastry is golden and the filling is steaming.

The One for Hungry Kids - Macaroni Cheese

Baked macaroni cheese is always a favourite for kids and can be made on a budget with SPAR Mature Cheddar, for a cheap dish that doesn’t compromise on flavour. To begin all you have to do is make the cheese sauce - start with melting butter, add milk and flour, flavour with garlic and a small amount of mustard before adding the SPAR Mature Cheddar. Pour over pre-cooked pasta, mix, season and top with more cheddar before baking. Add any extra vegetables to bulk out the dish or serve with a leafy salad.

The One for the January Health Kick - Mediterranean Chicken and Olive Salad

For those looking for an easy, cheap and healthy dish, this salad is a great midweek meal. With SPAR British Fresh Skinless Chicken Breasts, and SPAR Lemon and Coriander Olives this couldn’t be easier to make. Simply season and cook the chicken breasts and leave to cool, mix together the olives, red onion, feta, olive oil, chilli flakes, oregano, salt and pepper and add together with SPAR’s Crunchy Salad Bowl.

The One for Brunch Lovers - Baked Camembert With Honey and Croissants

For those who like to rustle up a yummy brunch at the weekend, this is a treat for a lazy morning using SPAR’s Part Baked Butter Croissants. Simply score a camembert and season with olive oil, SPAR’s Squeezy Clear Honey, chilli flakes, salt and pepper and rosemary and put in the oven to bake. While this is baking, cut up the croissants and bake on another tray until golden and crispy. Once the cheese is melted, serve together and get dipping whilst hot! 

The One for the Weekend - Pulled Pork Burgers

An American classic, the SPAR Pulled Pork is slow-cooked and flavoured with BBQ sauce making it perfect for a treat at the weekend without breaking the bank. To make the ultimate burger add the SPAR Pulled Pork, pickles and SPAR Coleslaw to a brioche bun with a handful of SPAR Crunchy Salad and pair with your favourite side dish.

The One for Updating a Classic - Cheesy Olive Garlic Bread

We all love garlic bread with our pizza or pasta but by adding just a few easy ingredients you can elevate the dish to a whole new level to enjoy with roasted vegetables and couscous or dip into tomato soup. Take a SPAR Garlic Bread and add grated SPAR Mature Cheddar, SPAR Lemon and Coriander Olives in between the pre-cut slices, sprinkle on more cheese on top and put in the oven. Once cooked, add parsley and enjoy a delicious winter treat.

The One for Mini Chefs to Get Involved With - Ham and Cheese Pancakes

If the kids need some entertaining and you’re looking for a comforting, cheap midweek lunch try making these delicious and easy pancakes with SPAR Breaded Ham and SPAR Mature Cheddar. Anyone can make these which is perfect if little kids want to get involved - just start by making the batter combining flour, milk, eggs in a bowl and whisk until it forms a smooth batter. Add a drizzle of oil to a pan and pour some of the batter in, cook for 1 minute, flip and after 30 seconds sprinkle over the ham and cheese, fold and serve. If you want a sweet treat you can try SPAR’s Squeezy Clear Honey and your fruit of choice for a delicious breakfast too.

The One for Meal Preppers - Roast Chicken

A classic roast chicken can always save the day, and with SPAR’s Extra Tasty Oven Ready Whole Chicken, you can get the highest level of taste, value and convenience in one go. There are many options with roast chicken, but one of the best ways to meal prep for the week is to enjoy a roast on Sunday and use the leftovers for lunch and dinners during the week - whether that is pie, risotto, soup or noodles.

The One for a Midweek Warmer - Sausage Ragu

Feed the family this comforting, budget-friendly Sausage Ragu, made with SPAR Premium Pork Sausages and SPAR Smoked Back Bacon. You can use some key store cupboard staples to make the sauce - an onion, garlic cloves, chopped tomatoes, lemon and spices and let it bubble away on the stove until it's rich and tasty. Add any pasta you like and top with cheese for a midweek dish that will serve the whole family. You can also freeze the sauce from any extras and reheat future meals.

SPAR stores across the UK are rooted in the local community and understand that shoppers are looking for the best way to save money in 2023. This new selection of value for money, everyday products will help families cook up a storm with dishes for every occasion from deals right on your doorstep.

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