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Popular pancakes to recreate on pancake day

The most popular pancakes in the UK and the best recipes to recreate at home this Pancake Day

With Pancake Day just around the corner it’s no surprise that we have the delicious dish on our minds and research shows that a huge 80% of Brits will be cooking up a batch on the 21st February. On average we get through two pancakes each on the day - meaning an incredible 117 million delicious pancakes are tossed, with a third (30%) choosing the classic topping of lemon and sugar as their favourite.

But pancakes are not just for Pancake Day and around the world different cultures and cuisines all have their own version of the batter based dish with sweet and savoury toppings for every meal time. So to help you explore all the varieties out there, SPAR have found the most popular pancake varieties in the UK and some fantastic TikTok recipes to try for yourself at home.


The classic crêpes are what we usually associate with Pancake Day - made from a basic batter recipe and great with either sweet or savoury fillings so of course they came out top as the most searched for in the UK according to Google. 

But if you are hoping to perfect your Pancake Day batch or find your perfect toppings combination explore #crepes on TikTok here where videos have been viewed an incredible 86 million times!


Dosa are traditional Indian rice pancakes usually cooked at breakfast to go alongside a cup of chai or mango lassi, and are delicious served with aloo masala and other traditional Indian fillings.

As the second most popular search in the UK, these pancakes make an unique and versatile dish for brunch or as a savoury option on Pancake Day. Check out this popular video via TikTok here on how to make the perfect fermented pancake at home.


Coming in as the third most popular type of pancake in the UK, Okonomiyaki are traditional Japanese pancakes made with cabbage, okonomiyaki sauce, Japanese mayonnaise and an array of fillings!

With over 107M TikTok views there are lots of different ways to find your perfect Okonomiyaki combinations, whether that is kimchi, pork or even seafood, or start off simply by following TikTok star Emily Mariko’s simple recipe here.

Protein pancakes

Protein pancakes are similar to a traditional pancake but with added oats and protein powder to make them the ideal post-workout breakfast or innovative way to add more protein to your diet. 

And as a quick and healthy alternative, it is no surprise that they are also the most viewed pancake variety on TikTok with over 214m views! Simply add your choice of nut butter, seeds or top with fruit or find a popular recipe here. 


Injera is the national dish of Ethiopia and Eritrea, a sourdough flatbread which starts off like a crepe and then develops a unique porous and slightly spongy texture. The thin batter is poured onto a cooking surface, traditionally a clay plate over a fire, so the bottom remains smooth while the top develops lots of pores which makes it ideal for scooping up stews and sauces. 

With Google searches up by 20% and over 114 million views on TikTok you can find a recipe to try for yourself here, and thankfully a clay plate over a fire isn’t essential!

Cong You Bing

Cong You Bing, also known as a Chinese scallion pancakes or spring onion pancakes are traditionally made with chopped spring onions, salt and spices as a home-cooked dish in northern China and although referred to as pancakes in English, they are very different from Western style pancakes. 

More of a layered Chinese flatbread loved for its super crispy, flaky texture it is rumoured that these pancakes inspired explorer Marco Polo to introduce pizza in Italy. Whether that is an urban legend or not you can see how they are mad by following this easy recipe from Kristina Cho @eatchofood.

American Pancakes

American-style, fluffy pancakes are a classic which are great for breakfast or brunch and can be topped with either sweet extras like fruit, jam or syrup, or  savoury style with rashers of crispy bacon. 

The one main difference between American pancakes and other crepes is the raising agent which gives them their lovely thick fluffiness, so you can stack as many as you want sky high! Check out which style you can try out here with over 50M views on TikTok.

Dutch Baby Pancakes

These puffed-up pancakes are actually similar to a sweet version of a Yorkshire pudding and despite the name are of German origin. 

Normally they are eaten for breakfast but you can also make them as a dessert to try something different for the family. Check out this delicious recipe from @alexandraskitchen to see for yourself and make a completely different type of Yorkshire pudding!

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