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Six indulgent ways to upgrade your pancakes in 2024 according to TikTok trends

With Pancake Day just around the corner it’s no surprise that we have the delicious dish on our minds and research shows that a huge 80% of Brits will be cooking up a batch on the 13th February. 

But whilst lemon and sugar is still the most popular topping among Brits, with 3 in 10 choosing the traditional flavours, its reign appears to be slipping among younger groups. 

Among Gen Zs (33%) and Millennials (22%) chocolate spread is the number one topping, with syrup also a popular option for 17% who choose to pour this over their pancakes.

Pancakes with fruit and syrup

TikTok shows that trending #pancake videos have been viewed over 645M times as we try and find the perfect recipe for the big day - with Google Trends reporting a 145% increase in searches for ‘pancake day’ in the last week and 152K searches for ‘pancake recipes’. 

So to give your pancakes a 2024 update according to these TikTok trends, community retailer SPAR has found six innovative and indulgent recipes to try at home: 

Valentine’s Day Heart Pancakes

As Pancake Day and Valentine’s Day are just 24 hours apart in 2024 why not kill two birds with one stone and make these Pink Heart Pancakes. For this really quick and easy recipe, you simply make your usual pancake mixture using eggs, flour and milk and add some pink food colouring. 

Next, use small heart shaped biscuit cutters in your frying pan, fill with the mixture and voila!

Valentine's Heart Pancakes!
Heart Shaped Pancakes
Chocolate Oreo Pancakes

For any Oreo lovers out there this is a delicious way to get that sweet crunch of biscuit into some luxury pancakes. Whilst making your batter add vanilla essence and melted butter for an extra level of indulgence, and then mix in cocoa powder and crushed Oreo crumbs.

And if you are still looking for more of a luxury touch serve with whipped cream and chocolate sauce for the ultimate plate of pancakes.

Chocolate Oreo Pancakes!
Breakfast Taco Pancakes

Who doesn't love trying out a new breakfast recipe, especially if you can combine it with pancakes! These breakfast taco pancakes combine crispy bacon, scrambled eggs and cheese to impress this Pancake Day. 

If you make a smaller but thicker pancake you can add your choice of breakfast fillings to the middle and fold over to enjoy like a taco with this inventive recipe. Beats a bowl of porridge!

Taco Pancakes!
Pancake S'mores

These take mere seconds to assemble and will be a sure hit with any kids looking for a sweet treat. Using small scotch pancakes all you need to do is sandwich chocolate squares and marshmallows between the pancakes and bake in the oven for a few minutes.

Once the chocolate is melted and the marshmallow is gooey you are ready to go!

Pancake S'mores!
Nutella & Banana Sushi Roll Pancakes

This is a genius way to enjoy pancakes in a fun new style and practice your sushi rolling skills at the same time! Make your batter as usual and fry until the pancake is golden - then spread with Nutella and add chopped nuts on top. 

Now take a peeled banana, place at the top of the pancake and roll across like you would with a sushi roll. Chop and enjoy these little slices of deliciousness with some chocolate dipping sauce.

Sushi Pancakes!
Sweet Spaghetti Pancakes

This isn't a weird mix of pancakes and pasta, don’t worry, but a very unique way to enjoy your pancakes in 2024. By using a squeezy bottle filled with pancake mix you can create spaghetti style ribbons in your frying pan, which you then mix with your favourite toppings including Biscoff and strawberries.

Whatever you decide to make this Pancake Day SPAR has all you need in store now, including a range of toppings such as hazelnut spread, honey, and chopped nuts to elevate your pancakes. 

Spaghetti Pancakes!
Sweet Spaghetti Pancakes

Research conducted by Ipsos in February 2022:

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