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Halloween Top 5 Ghoulish Halloween Party Food Ideas
Top 5 Ghoulish Halloween Party Food Ideas

Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party or attending a spooky soirée elsewhere, it can sometimes be hard to decide exactly which Halloween treats you want to provide. That’s why we’ve put some Halloween party food ideas together – perfect for making sure your spooky party is packed with ghostly grub.

Wriggly Worm Jelly

All you need is a few shot glasses, some gummy worms and some jelly cubes – super simple, easy to make, and fun to eat!

Once you’ve made your jelly and separated it into each shot glass, place them onto a tray and put it in the fridge to set.

Make sure you check the firmness of the jelly regularly, as you want to insert your gummy worms before the mould becomes too sturdy. We recommend adding 2-3 gummy worms per glass after around 20 minutes, and leaving for a further 40.

Want to add a finishing touch? Once your wriggly worm jellies are set, top with squirty cream in the middle and sprinkle with a few hundreds and thousands for a finishing touch!

Spooky Veggie Dippers

This one’s perfect for vegetarian guests.

Gather and peel some carrots, celery and cucumber before cutting into finger and eye shapes. Pair your veggie shapes with a flavoursome dip, such as houmous, tzatziki, taramasalata or even sour cream and chive.

This spooky food idea is also great with chopped fruit.

Bleeding Hot Dog Fingers

There’s nothing quite as gruesome as a plate of edible fingers at a Halloween party!

Take your hot dog sausages and wrap them in two layers of filo pastry, add a splash of coconut or olive oil and bake in the oven until the pastry is crisp and golden.

Once cooked, add lashings of tomato ketchup or chilli sauce to give the illusion of oozing blood!

Mallow Ghost Cookies

All you need is a packet of cookies or digestives, some chocolate chips and a bag of marshmallows (any size will do!) This can also work as a spooky cupcake topping or on some brownies!

Melt your marshmallows in a pan, then apply a reasonably-sized dollop to each biscuit.  Add chocolate chips for eyes and leave to set. Sorted!

Scary Spider Cupcakes

To start, simply bake a batch of cupcakes with either golden or chocolate sponge. For the next bit you’ll need some melted chocolate or icing, and a some form of chocolate sticks.

Once your cupcakes have cooled, coat them in frosting or icing for flavour, and use a box of matchsticks or something similar for the legs. Melt the ends to stick two together (or snap one in half for shorter legs) to create the arch in the leg, poking the other end into the cupcake to create the illusion of creepy crawly legs!

So there you have it – super easy, delicious Halloween food ideas to really make your guests scream with delight.

Are you ready to start making your own spooky party food for Halloween? Visit your nearest convenience store today to grab all the ingredients and Halloween treats you need for this year’s fright-fest!

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