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Halloween Top Spooky Halloween Snacks

Trick or Treat? The top spooky snacks to try out this Halloween

With spooky season just around the corner, it's time to transform your home into a haunted house, overindulge on toffee apples and pumpkin lattes, and cook up a cauldron of terrifying treats and scary snacks. 

Whether you are staying in to watch a hair-raising horror or heading out to a ghostly get together, SPAR has you covered -  we’ve taken a look at this year's most innovative Halloween trends for the top snacks that are perfect to celebrate with this month:

Spooky Halloween snacks ideas

Pumpkin Pizza Bombs

If savoury snacks are more your type this Halloween, then why not get creative with your very own mini pumpkin pizza flavoured bombs. This delicious Halloween treat has had over 702,000 likes on social media platform TikTok, and is a great way to get the kids involved! 

To make:

  • Mix your favourite pizza toppings into a large bowl, for example; mozzarella cheese, chopped ham slices, mushrooms and olives. Roll out your pizza dough into a small shaped ball, flatten and add your combined toppings into the centre of the dough. 
  • Pinch the dough at the top and fold corners of the dough upwards to create a mini pumpkin shaped delight.
  • Place four pieces of string into a star shaped pattern on a work surface, place your pumpkin ball in the centre and tie each piece of string at the top of the pumpkin to create the indents.
  • Put on a baking tray, cook for 15 minutes and enjoy!

The Ultimate Halloween Candy Board

Bring your own board night and charcuterie boards are a huge TikTok trend, with more innovative creations being added to the list including butter boards. 

This time it’s a Halloween special, that can be interpreted into your very own spooky selection of treats. Just choose your favourite variety of Halloween sweet treats, from jelly spiders to ghost shaped marshmallows, pumpkin cupcakes to eyeball lollipops, the designs are endless.  Be sure to visit Your local SPAR to browse our large selection of sweets!

The perfect spooky sweet board for entertaining guests this October!

Cauldron Cupcakes

Cupcakes are everyone's favourite sweet treat so this Halloween why not make them with a twist. 

Add your cooked cupcake sponge to a mini Halloween cauldron, pipe on your desired flavoured buttercream, and top with an assorted mix of colourful sprinkles to make your very own cupcake cauldron. 

The perfect way to entertain the children this October or great party snacks if you’re hosting the season

Hocus Pocus Broomsticks

With the new highly anticipated Hocus Pocus film out for release this October, cook up a potion with these delicious savoury broomsticks for Halloween.

Inspired by Chef Genevieve with over 58,000 likes on social media platform TikTok,

swap the sweet treats for the ultimate savoury, creepy cheesy canapes for your Halloween get together, that will get your guests in the spooktacular spirit.

Simply slice a string cheese in half and thinly dice sections three quarters of the way up all the way around to create a broomstick like design; insert a pretzel stick on top and tie with a little chive for this cheesy snack.

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