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Wine Finding The Perfect Accompaniments: What Wine Goes Best With Steak?

Choosing the perfect steak and wine pairings is a great way to spruce up your meal.

And the best part is, there’s a wide range of complementing refreshments available dependent on your favourite type of steak, and how you like your steak cooked. It all comes down to matching your drinks to your food so that they supplement each other well. So, how do you do that?

Know your cut

From the marbling to the thickness, knowing what kind of cut you want will influence the kind of wine you’ll be choosing. So, first decide what you’ll be cooking, as well as how you’ll be cooking your steak. Once you’ve made a decision, you can get to work on the fun part, selecting a wine.

Match your cut

Steak and wine pairings are heavily influenced by palate – with certain characteristics within the meat and the wine interacting with each other to make for the best tasting experience possible. The best wine to drink with steak is the one that enhances the other’s flavour. So, how do you know a good wine with steak when you drink one?

Steak cut 

  • Fattier cuts – For fatty cuts, bolder reds that are high in tannin work as great palate cleansers for the fat. Tannin, found in full-bodied reds (and what can often cause a dry sensation in the mouth), is softened by the fat in the steak, therefore reducing its harshness.
  • Leaner cuts – A light or medium bodied wine is better for much leaner cut steaks. The high levels of acidity work to cut through the texture of the steak, making it more palatable. Wine that is high in tannin is less suited for this cut, as there isn’t enough fat to soften it.

Steak doneness

  • Rare – Good with a bold Malbec

 Similar to fatty cuts, the rarer you cook a steak, the more it lessens the tannin sensation within the wine. This means that bolder wines will taste smoother when paired with a rare cooked steak. Choose our Rios de los Andes Malbec in this case – as a rare steak will soften the taste.

  • Medium rare – Good with a sharp, earthy Rioja

Earthier wines that aren’t too sweet match medium rare well, finding the perfect balance between sweet and refreshing to match the texture of the meat. The Ursa Maior Reserva finds this balance perfectly.

  • Well done – Good with a juicy, sweet Ripasso

Naturally, a juicy, sweeter red is perfect for a well-cooked steak, as the moisture from the wine balances out the dry, seared texture of the steak. Our Valpolicella Ripasso is ideal when it comes to well-done steak, as the sweetness of the wine counteracts the bitterness of the steak perfectly.

Why does your steak and wine pairing matter?

Getting a good wine with steak complements the eating experience as a whole. The steak works well with the wine and the wine tastes better with the steak, both leaning on one another to make a dinner that works on every level – whether that’s a romantic meal for two or a Friday fry up after work.

There’s nothing worse than when a good wine and a great steak don’t get along, so follow our top tips and you’ll soon find your own winning combinations.

Need some inspiration to find the best wine to have with your steak? Explore our Award Winning Wine selection to find your perfect match, or explore our extensive collection in your local convenience store today.

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