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Australian Red Wines

When it comes to buying Australian reds, you may have already seen McGuigan black label red and 19 crimes red wine in your local SPAR store. They’re very popular for a good reason. Australia knows its stuff when it comes to wine making as they’re the sixth largest wine producing country in the world. If you’re lucky enough to have ever travelled halfway around the world you’ll know just how varied Australia’s climate is, making it the ideal spot for wine production. And the result? Some truly delicious styles and flavours of red wine.


Australian reds are known for being good value too. If you’re on the look out for a budget-friendly wine, then have a quick browse through our pick of the bunch where we highlight the best wine offers up for grabs. When we say ‘we’, we mean each wine has been handpicked by Phillipa Carr, our very own Master of Wine, who undoubtedly knows the best red wine to enjoy with the changing seasons. All our SPAR own brand wine is vegan too. This doesn’t change the wine’s taste, but knowing this just means you don’t need to spend ages checking over the ingredients list.

Some of the most popular red wines from Australia include merlot, shiraz, 19 crimes red wine and McGuigan black label red. McGuigan is a classic red wine that has a great fruity punch. It’s made with a red grape blend where you’ll quickly taste notes of spicy plum, blackberry and cherry. The well-balanced wine is super smooth and pairs perfectly with spicy Asian food and tomato based Italian food. If you prefer truly immersing yourself next time you cook an Italian dish, we also have some of the best Italian red wine too.

But if you’re after a wine that really leaves a lasting impression, 19 crimes red wine is the one for you. Matured for 3 months in 100% American oak, this wine’s best enjoyed not long after opening but it can be kept for up to one year. Cabernet sauvignon, shiraz and grenache grapes blend together to make this beautiful wine that’s rich with notes of vanilla, dark fruit and of course, oak. The flavourful tipple pairs really well with hearty meat dishes like steak and roasted meats, as well as aged cheeses like cheddar and gouda.

We enjoy sharing our love for Australian reds, but we want to kindly remind you to always drink responsibly.