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Spanish Red Wine

Whether you’re having a quiet night in or you’ve invited the whole family round for a Sunday roast, you can’t go wrong reaching for one of our bottles of Spanish reds. We have some of the best Spanish red wines available at your local SPAR store, with the collection carefully curated by our very own in-house Master of Wine. And if you’re after a vegan red wine, then keep an eye out for our SPAR own brand as the whole range is completely vegan.


From the full-bodied flavours of Tempranillo to the subtly sweet notes in Rioja, Spain is known for producing deliciously bold wine that’s bursting with flavours. Tempranillo is pretty much considered Spain’s top red wine as the grape variety flourishes in the country’s warmer climate. And it has plenty of flavours that truly complement each other too. One sip and you’ll taste notes of dried fig, cedar, cherry and even tobacco. These flavours only intensify the longer you leave the bottle to age, so you’re in luck if you’ve just uncovered the bottle of Tempranillo you forgot about in the kitchen cupboard. When it comes to food pairings, Tempranillo goes with pretty much everything. But we recommend opening a bottle and enjoying a glass with grilled meats, strong cheeses and stews if you really want to bring out its bold, fruity flavours.

Rioja, another very popular Spanish red wine, holds notes of cherry, plum and vanilla which is ideal if you prefer something a little fruitier. Just like Tempranillo, Rioja goes with just about anything and you can fill a glass to wash down stews, grilled meats and flavoursome paellas. It’s a really versatile wine that’s used in plenty of recipes too. Rioja makes a delicious red wine sauce for beef and pork dishes and adds another depth of flavour to a tomato sauce when it’s drizzled over a cod fillet. And if meat’s not on the menu, you’ll find hearty vegetable stews and grilled vegetables taste even better with a bottle of Rioja.

If you’re ever stuck when it comes to choosing the best wine then don’t worry, there’s no need to panic buy a few random bottles. SPAR’s Master of Wine, Phillipa Carr, answers your top questions on wine, making it super easy to find your perfect match next time to pop to your local store. Just remember though, to always drink responsibly.