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Ciroc Red Berry Flavoured Vodka 70cl

Product details

Product details

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Product details


  • UNIQUE FEATURES: Cîroc Red Berry stands as an ultra-premium flavoured vodka, masterfully infused with succulent raspberries, blackberries, and a medley of natural flavours.
  • ACCOLADES: Cîroc Flavours hold the prestigious position of being the world's #1 ultra-premium flavoured vodka, as verified by Nielsen in January 2022 (R12 RSV)
  • TASTING NOTES: Cîroc Red Berry Flavoured Vodka captures the essence of juicy summer red and wild berry flavours, offering a distinctively delicious experience.
  • SERVE: Cîroc delivers unparalleled smoothness whether sipped straight or on the rocks, and equally shines as the key ingredient in your preferred vodka cocktails.
  • OCCASION: Cîroc Ultra-Premium vodka is the ideal choice for all of your day or night celebrations. Whether you're marking a significant milestone or simply enjoying a casual evening with friends, each occasion is made more luxurious with Cîroc.
  • GIFTING: Cîroc Ultra-Premium Vodka, the ideal gift for all your special moments and milestones, adding a touch of luxury to every celebration.


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