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10 Tweets About Chocolate That Speak The TRUTH

How will you celebrate International Chocolate Day? We’re planning a pain au chocolat breakfast, hot chocolate elevenses, a chocolate fountain for swimming… err, yes. We’re excited. In anticipation, here are some tweets to get you in the mood (although, are you ever not in the mood for chocolate?)

Chocolate Lovers Unite

The Perfect Afternoon Tea Checklist

t’s Afternoon Tea Week! If you don’t plan to be rolling about the Ritz guzzling cucumber sandwiches, check out our cheat sheet for having a spread at home that even the fanciest of guests will love

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Lawn and Order – 8 Ways to Maximise Your Garden This Summer!

You don’t have to have green fingers to enjoy your garden this summer! If you’re less flower bed, more stay in bed, here are 8 easy but awesome ways to enjoy the garden this summer!

Get outside!

SPAR Food & Drink

We have everything you need for that summer BBQ, the unplanned picnic or lazy summer al fresco dining. We've done all the prep so you can enjoy the moment. We have many fresh products to give you a taste of summer whether you are indoors or out.


Party Excuse #4,362 - Host Your Own Olympics Closing Ceremony!

If you are the kind of person who needs an excuse to throw a party, the Olympic Games are a golden ticket. Especially this year, as it’s the best year ever for Team GB – yahoo! Go team!! So call your friends and watch with pride – this is our guide to hosting the Ultimate Olympic Closing Ceremony!


You Know You Vacationed in the 90s When…

Questionable fashion choices, less than gourmet picnic food & that all important first crush... Check out the top 90s holiday moments we definitely miss

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The Great British BBQ

After having our first taste of summer this month we've decided to present our guide to hosting a truly epic BBQ for your friends and family.

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Summer Cocktails

Sport not your thing? Try our delicious range of easy to make cocktails, perfect for the Saturday night get together!

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Game On: How To Fake Your Way Through The Olympics

Don’t know your taekwondos from your taekwondon’ts? You’ll need to buck up your ideas Sonny Jim because the Olympics are back! Never fear though – we’re there for you with a handful of hacks to get even the newest of sports fans through the next few weeks (without a leotard in sight)!

Game on!

Holiday Horror Throwbacks: Five Things We (Don’t) Miss

As kids everywhere across the UK finish for summer holidays we couldn't help but take a look back at all the highs and lows of summer holidays as a child. Here's 5 Holiday Horror Throwbacks we know will bring back memories!

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5 ways Wimbledon showcases the best (and worst) of British

For two weeks every ‘summer’, we all go tennis-crazy as Wimbledon rolls around. Some love it, some hate it, but it’s all delightfully British. Check out these five features of the big tournament that can be loved and loathed in equal measure

Game, Set MATCH!

The ultimate soundtrack to Fatherhood

Celebrate Father’s Day with a musical tribute to the ultimate dad… This one's for you, Pops/Papa/Daddy/Old Man! Listen to the playlist here

Cheers Dad!

The Football-Phobe’s Guide to Actually Enjoying EURO 2016

Dislike football? Then read this! Fool everyone by speaking the lingo; “Classic Zlatlan” “What do you think of Rooney in that deeper role?” Full article here

Classic Zlatlan

Summer Kick Off Party

Here’s our guide to throwing an effortless start of summer party

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Essential Euro’s get-out-of-work guide

The Euros... a time to enjoy a month of the beautiful game - except the biggest group stage match is at 2pm! Keep Calm and check our guide to getting out of work.

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