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Junk food is out, healthy eating plans are in. But what if you’re not exactly the strict routine type? Our healthy eating inspiration is here to give you the little push you need, without the calorie counting, workout routines and fad diets. Just a few tips on healthy eating for every month of the year.

Go Vegan in January


Start the year off with a shock to the system (if you’re a meat eater that is) with Veganuary. If you’re a vegetarian then try cutting out dairy too, and if you’re already vegan then simply embrace your month! Veganuary means no meat, fish or dairy for the month, substituting your normal diet for high protein, nutritious replacements. Foods like lentils, quinoa and chickpeas are a great source of healthy carbs and protein that can keep you going through the month, also making for some pretty healthy dinner ideas.

Healthy Fats in February


February is Heart Awareness Month, so why not treat your body to a heart healthy diet rich in omega 3 and healthy fats? Salmon is a great place to start, being a good source of omega 3 and tasty in countless variations. Another great food for a heart healthy diet, avocado is a good source of monounsaturated fat, while a versatile selection of black, pinto, and cannellini beans are great for lowering cholesterol.

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Sometimes, cooking those one-pot dishes that can feed the whole family are all you want in life. Use March to test out your one-pot cooking skills. From hot-pots to pasta bakes – pack your meals full of protein, vitamins, fibre and energy and simply serve. Hearty meals that’ll keep you going. Better still, cook and store extra portions ready for reheating for food that’s fast and nutritious.

Mexican flavours in April


From Mexico to the Mediterranean, the world has a lot to offer when it comes to new flavours. Use fresh ingredients to try something new in April, like Mexican tortillas, Italian pasta or even a Spanish frittata. Taking stock items and reinvigorating them into a completely new dish is what this April is all about.

Meat-Free Mondays in May


Meat-free Mondays in May. Try substituting some of your favourite red meats for a healthier option every Monday in May. From mushrooms to tofu and Quorn – there are many replacements that can supply you with just as much protein and energy as meat.

Incorporate Antioxidants in June


Never underestimate the power of antioxidants. From beetroot to broccoli and every other veggie in the colour spectrum, foods high in antioxidants can protect your body from being damaged by harmful molecules called free radicals, as well as diseases like cancer. Incorporate into your next meal to give your body the boost it deserves.

Summer Salads in July


Summer’s here, which can only mean one thing. Salad time. Fresh vegetables are great in salads – from Greek to Turkish. Experiment by mixing together your favourite vegetables and find your favourite salad combo for those hot afternoons.

Healthy Desserts in August


Healthy eating tips wouldn’t be complete without a way to get around dessert – and get around it you can. Berries, nuts, and even sweet potato (if you’ve got the know-how) can be used to create great tasting, healthy desserts packed full of all the nutrients you need, minus any guilt.

Lean Protein in September


Not brave enough to ditch meat from your diet? Veganuary’s not for everyone, but there’s good news – if you choose carefully, there are plenty of healthy meat options available. Look for less fatty meats like turkey and venison, as they still provide you with your much needed protein kick.

Healthy Curry in October


Everybody loves a good curry. Done right, your favourite dish doesn’t have to be off the menu. Healthy recipes can be made by incorporating lots of the good stuff. Foods like coconut milk (in moderation), lemongrass and chilli can all be used to concoct some of your favourite curries from around the globe.

Nutritious Soups in November


The colder months are coming and all you want to do is curl up with something warm, nutritious and healthy. Soup is a quick, simple way to get all the nourishment you need. Get inspired in the kitchen and put together some of your favourite vegetables and spices. Make extra, so you can store or even freeze it, ready for those days when you want a warming meal without the effort.

Sublime Seafood in December


Finish your year of healthy eating inspiration strong with seafood. From fish to shellfish, produce from the sea offers some of the most nutritionally fulfilling choices. Best of all, the healthy meal ideas are endless when it comes to fish – meaning you can have something new for dinner almost every day.

Our 12 months of healthy eating tips are designed for you to stay healthy, while exploring a whole variety of new tastes. Discover 12 Months Of Healthy Eating Inspiration to help you get started. Chop, change, inspire and pass on however you wish – just be sure to share any of your ideas with us on Facebook and Twitter!


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