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Food & Drink How To Make Party Platters

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or expanding your culinary skills, sharing platters are the perfect way for you and your guests to try a whole load of flavours. So just how do you create the perfect sharing platter?

How To Make Party Platters

Looking for sharing platter ideas for parties or events? The best thing about serving up your party food this way is that you can add anything you want, making it easy to cater for vegetarians, carnivores and any other dietary needs your guests might have. That said, you’ll probably want to resist the urge to heap everything onto a single platter – otherwise, your flavours might get a little confusing. So whether you’re serving Italian, Indian, Mexican or otherwise, sticking to one theme is always a good idea.

Sharing Platter Ideas For The Veggie

Vegetarian platters can be made up of any flavours you fancy – if you’re craving Indian nibbles, why not load up your food platters with onion bhajis, vegetable samosas, poppadoms and naan bread? Or if you think Chinese food would go down better, vegetable spring rolls, curry puffs and prawn crackers are a great way to go.

Chinese and Indian foods both make great vegetarian sharing platter ideas, but if you’re planning a summer party, why not channel the flavours of the Mediterranean with a Mezze board?

To create your perfect Mezze sharing platter, arrange the following dishes:

  • Olives: Choose a variety of different flavours for your guests to try
  • Sun dried tomatoes: Or, dice some fresh tomatoes and serve
  • Houmous: Go for plain and flavoured options for variety
  • Greek feta salad: Combine diced cucumber and thinly sliced onions with crumbly feta and olives
  • Tzatziki: Make sure you’ve got some flatbreads for dipping too
  • Pitta bread: Toast lightly and slice into strips for dipping
  • Variety of pestos: Great for dipping or adding to salads
  • Cherry tomatoes: Use as a garnish to decorate your sharing platter

Presenting your mezze board on a large food platter will soon satisfy hungry stomachs craving the flavours of the Mediterranean.

Fancy a glass or two to accompany your veggie platter? With a mezze board for picking and refreshing wine to enjoy, your party refreshments are well and truly sorted.

Food Platter Ideas For The Carnivore

Now you have the veggies sorted, it’s time to cater for the meat eaters.  If you want to stick to the same Mediterranean theme as your vegetarian foods, why not create a Mezze meat platter that is carnivore-friendly? Using salami and prosciutto with a selection of vegetarian assortments brings the tastes of the Med closer to home.

Looking for a sharing platter idea that’ll go down a treat with carnivores? Look no further for inspiration than across the Atlantic. Load up your meat platters with flavours of the USA for true carnivorous feast.

  • BBQ chicken wings: Barbecue coated chicken wings – perfect for guests to pick at
  • Mozzarella sticks: Make sure you have some tasty sauce for dipping into – BBQ sauce will do the trick
  • BBQ ribs: Tasty, but messy – don’t forget to lay out some napkins
  • Mini hamburgers: Beef, tomato, lettuce, cheese – sorted
  • Sweet potato wedges: Healthy and tasty, finish with paprika or BBQ seasoning
  • Onion rings: Perfect for picking at on your party platter

Let guests nibble all their favourite American-inspired treats – the perfect sharing platter to truly satisfy hungry stomachs.

Why not serve up your meat platter with a delicious SPAR “M” Malbec red wine – perfect for complementing the smoky BBQ tastes? Let guests tuck into tasty food and award-winning wine with a USA twist.

Sharing Platters Ideas For The Sweet Tooth

Main courses might have been served, but what better way to finish off the evening than with a dessert platter? Here is where your themes can merge – stick your gelato next to your trifle, or your brownies next to your Bakewell tarts – it doesn’t matter with a dessert platter.

For a healthy alternative, why not lay on a fruit platter packed full of delicious desserts?

Better still, why not combine the two? Decorate your dessert platter by presenting the fruit around the outside and the gooey indulgent treats in the middle – think strawberries and chocolate for the perfect combo.

Serving Your Party Food Platters

The beauty of sharing platters is that people can help themselves to however much they want, when they want, without the hassle of serving and the pressure of a sit-down meal.

Plus, sharing platters are easy to do on budget – with a selection of nibbles to hand you’ll have catered for a houseful of people before you know it. Stock up on frozen goods to prepare for your party in advance.

Find everything you need to put your sharing platter ideas into practice from your local convenience store.

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