Father’s Day is just around the corner, and the last-minute dash to buy the standard pair of socks won’t make the cut this year. Looking for some inspiration? Bring originality this year and find unique Father’s Day presents that are not only personal, but incorporate something a little bit different to spark his interest.

Mayfield Lavender Fields

1. Days Out With Dad

What’s better than spending money on Dad this Father’s Day? Spending time. A well-planned day out has to be one of the best presents for Father’s Day when you want to make a lasting impression, unlike gift cards and novelty socks. If he’s an avid sports fan, take him to see his favourite game. Or for the thrill-seeking Dad, why not plan a day at a theme park for an adrenaline rush?

For the sight-seeing Dad, why not use your day out to explore unusual spots around Britain? Mayfield Lavender Fields, near Surrey, contains 25 acres of bright purple blossoms, with unique sights as well as smells. Windsor Great Park’s Virginia Water Lake, near Ascot, also sports some quirky features, including a 100ft high totem pole carved from a cedar tree. Alongside this, the park is home to beautiful features such as manmade waterfalls and serene picnic spots. Load up the car with a picnic full of his favourite snacks and beverages and sit and enjoy the sun (hopefully!).

World Tour of Breakfast Foods

2. Take Him On A Culinary Journey

Not one for tools or crafts? Get creative in the kitchen instead and try putting a quirky spin on one of his favourite breakfasts. Take Dad on a round-the-world tour – for breakfast. Why not treat him to a pancake or two from corners of the earth he’s not yet tried? With 15 types of pancakes from around the globe to choose from, finding a new favourite shouldn’t be too hard. For healthier choices that are a tad less messy in the kitchen, explore 6 simple breakfast ideas to really impress him…

Game of Thrones Themed Party

3. Involve His Hobbies & Interests

Involve his interests in his Father’s Day present by getting him something he wouldn't go out and buy himself. Has he got himself hooked on the latest TV series to grip the nation?  Whether it’s Westeros, the West Wing or The Walking Dead that’s piqued his interest, skip the mugs and keyrings and go full dedication by throwing a themed party. Get the soundtrack playing while guests tuck into party food  in their themed attire to pay homage to his latest TV obsession and give him an unusual father’s day gift he’ll remember.

Host a Father

4. Help Him Host A Garden Party

With summer heating up, what better time to throw a garden party than around Father’s Day? Light up the barbecue and let Dad get grilling – why not buy him some fresh BBQ tools perfect for catering for his guests? Rumour has it that being in charge of the barbecue is a man’s favourite pastime when the weather is warm (… or raining) – so ensure he’s got everything he needs to show up the rest of his friends when it comes to being crowned grilling king. Hosting for a vegetarian? You might want to share our list of the best veggie BBQ meals.

Crafty Gifts from the Children

5. Father’s Day Presents From The Little Ones

Don’t forget to sort out the presents for Father’s Day from the kids, too. If they’re too young to choose a present for themselves, why not let them join you in some crafty projects? From finger painting cards to mini arts and crafts masterpieces, getting them involved wherever possible is a great way to create a meaningful present… and take the workload off a little.


Got your unusual gifts for Father’s Day covered? Pop into your nearest convenience store to pick up everything you need for the day.