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Missing your romantic restaurant reservations, or your usual Valentine’s getaway? We know the celebration might not look quite the same this year, but this doesn’t mean you can’t show your loved ones you care, virtually! Whether your celebrating Valentine’s, Galantines or you just want an excuse to break up the lockdown monotony, we’ve got five great suggestions for virtual Valentine's celebrations.


If you would normally always organise something really romantic, perhaps a candle lit dinner for two with your favourite music playing… Then all this can be achieved over Zoom! Simply choose one of our top Valentine’s meals to cook together! You could even pick up the same delicious bottle of wine from SPAR (We’d highly recommend our Pick of the Bunch, an Italian primitivo) and then both of you get cooking! This is a great way to spend some virtual time together and as your food will be ready at the same time, afterwards you can sit down and enjoy some more normal, date-like conversation.

Some of our favourite homecooked Valentine's dinners:

Pan-fried duck

Linguine with garlic prawns

The perfect roast


Snuggle of the Sofa

Choose a movie, grab some snacks and most importantly your phone to live stream the action together, complete with gasps, who dunnits and guesses! Both Netflix Party & BBC Together have made this even easier with extensions which allows different households to stream something together, to avoid that awkward ‘right press play - NOW’ moment. If you need more inspiration on how to bring the cinema to each of your sofas, click here. After the movie has finished, why don’t you do a virtual film review, a great way to keep the conversation going after the show!


Virtual Cocktail Making

Cocktail making is always great fun and can easily be made into a virtual activity. Simply choose the same three cocktails to make, make sure FaceTime is set up and get creative in the kitchen! You can give extra points for fun decorations like umbrellas, paper straws or other creative ways to display your cocktails. Need some help choosing what cocktails to make? Look no further than our handy blog on our top 10 classic cocktails for any occasion. And after you’ve drank a cocktail or two, our next virtual way to celebrate Palentines might look even more appealing…


Anti-Valentine’s Day - Kitchen Disco!

Nothing beats a night out on the town with your best pals (whatever their gender) so if you are looking to celebrate Galentines, why not create a virtual disco! All you need to do is collate a Spotify playlist and nominate one of your friends to be the DJ. Get into your favourite outfit, (which may have been gathering dust in the back of your wardrobe), and get ready for 'murder on the virtual dancefloor' as you have a kitchen disco! All your favourite songs, no queuing for the loo, and you can kick your heels off whenever you want…

Top tip *everyone else needs to mute themselves so only the DJS music can be heard*


Homemade Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him or Her

If you are lucky enough to live a walkable distance to your amour, why not make a little gift to drop on their doorstep? You could package it up with a beautiful card & red ribbon and cheer up their day with a little present.

Valentines Gift Ideas: 

Nothing shouts February 14th more than a chocolate treat, and a homemade gift really shows the effort you’ve put in! You can’t go wrong with making a box of homemade Nutella blondies.

Or, why not try creating some brioche bread? It might not be quite as good as breakfast in bed, but we think it’s sure to sweeten anyone’s morning.

Ok it might not be homemade, but if you aren’t a dab hand in the kitchen, save your energy and instead look classy with a bottle of our new Prosecco Rosé, it’s delightfully fresh and fruity.

Other last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts include:

  • Gifts Cards
  • Experience Vouchers
  • Flowers
  • Jewellery
  • Subscriptions
  • Cuddly toys

Of course, your choice largely depends on budget and timings. The beauty of gifts like experience vouchers, such as spa days or activity days can be enjoyed at a later date, once lockdown has lifted.


Pick up your Valentine’s Day supplies from SPAR

And there you have it, our top 5 ways to virtually celebrate Valentine’s day. Find all the deals and groceries you need to complete your virtual Valentine’s day at your local SPAR today.

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Happy Valentine’s Day, from SPAR.