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We get bombarded with health information every single day, but how much of it is true? We’d like to set the record straight and work towards debunking food myths that you really need to stop believing…

Top 7 Myths About Food

Healthy Fats

1. All fats are bad for you

Sure, fat can be bad for you. But it can also be good for you. Don’t forget that we all need fat in our diet because it helps with important functions of the body. With both good and bad fats, you just have to make sure you pick the right ones. Stay away from trans fats and have a healthy amount of monounsaturated, polyunsaturated and saturated fats. Foods containing a lot of this good stuff include avocados, nuts and sunflower seeds.

The Five Second Rule

2. The five second rule

The three second rule, or five second rule for those even more daring, is actually nothing more than an old wives’ tale. Nevertheless, it’s one of those myths about food that everyone still seems to live by. In reality? It was probably invented as justification to devour that last bit of chicken you dropped on the floor and know you really shouldn’t eat, but still want to. Truth is, you can drop it anywhere from one second to ten, and chances are it’ll have the exact same amount of bacteria on it either way – so maybe enforcing the 0 second rule from here onwards is the safest bet.

Crash Dieting

3. Crash diets work

OK, so they might work in the short term. And you might lose a bit of weight initially, but extreme crash diets are usually hard to maintain. If you want to lose weight, you need to eat a diet that you can maintain over a long period of time, and be consistent with. It’s not healthy to cut essential nutrients, like carbs or fat, completely out of your diet. It’s all about balance, and getting your food facts right.

Gluten Free

4. Gluten free diets for all!

‘Gluten free’ is in, and has been growing in popularity over the years to extend to those who don’t necessarily need to follow the diet for medical reasons. But the truth is, if you don’t have a medical reason to follow a gluten-free diet, there’s no real benefit from following one. So if you aren’t celiac or gluten intolerant, there’s no reason to cut out all gluten.


5. Eating celery burns more calories than it puts on

You may have heard that eating celery burns more calories than you take in. Whilst this could be true to some extent, there’s actually little proof.  While theoretically ‘negative-calorie foods’ can be a real thing, there are no reputable studies to prove it. However, it is still true that celery does contain very little calories, less than ten per serving, so you can munch away guilt-free.

Drinking Alcohol before Bed

6. Drinking alcohol before bed helps you sleep better

This is a highly misunderstood food (or drink) myth. While a night cap might inadvertently make you drift off to sleep a little better, the quality of sleep you get is nowhere near as good, resulting in broken sleep, and you being much more tired the following day.

Frozen Vegetables

7. Frozen fruit and veg isn’t as good for you

While fresh food and veg does contain more nutrients than frozen counterparts if eaten straight away, it’s rare that you’ll be scoffing broccoli straight from the field it was picked. For vegetables that have to travel a long way, nutrients can be lost if not frozen. Freezing fruit and veg right away locks most of those nutrients in, right until you’re ready to eat them.


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