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Starting the new year wondering how to balance your lifestyle? We’ve partnered with The Fitness Chef to help you kick off January as you mean to go on. This isn’t about fad diets or cutting out whole food groups, but instead how you can make small recipe tweaks and understand more about calories so you can get educated on what works for you and your new healthy balanced lifestyle. Kick off January with our range of tasty, convenient products and advice from The Fitness Chef, to allow you to combat those short-lived resolutions and instead convert them into long-term sustainable goals. Here The Fitness Chef gives his top three tips for a sustainable and balanced lifestyle: 

How to balance your lifestyle

Discover the top components of a balanced lifestyle to help you make small, progressive changes to your diet and reach those long-term sustainable goals.

1. Understand your goals

Before you dig deep into the components of a balanced lifestyle, it’s really important to understand what your goals and objectives are, why you want them and why achieving them will improve your life. If you want to fulfil these goals, you must have a plan that works, and consistency is key. So research is important here. For example, is your goal weight loss? Getting fit? Running a marathon? We would urge you to take some time to look into that resolution in more detail and really understand the end goal.

2. Combine the achievement of your goals with enjoyment

The second top tip to living a balanced lifestyle is understanding how to best combine achievement of goals with enjoyment. For example, the best way to lose weight is through a calorie deficiency which is where you burn more calories than you eat. But there are many methods out there to achieve this deficit. The trick is to find one that achieves your weight loss goal and is enjoyable enough to be sustainable. For example, if you hate the gym, don’t pretend that you will go five times a week, that won’t help with any weight loss goals – instead take up dancing, trampolining or any fun and active way to burn calories that you’ll actually enjoy! The more you enjoy it, the more you are likely to stick with it and reap the healthy balanced lifestyle benefits.

3. Going off plan is OK

Finally, you must know that perceived failure or going off plan is ok. It’s what happens next that counts. There is always tomorrow to get back on track. If you are consistent most of the time with a few blips, its far better than attempting to be perfect 100% of the time, because that’s just unsustainable. So, remember if you go off your plan, don’t sack the whole thing off! Just start again with your goals tomorrow.

And there you have it – The Fitness Chef’s top tips for how to balance your lifestyle! Start the new year as you mean to go on and strive towards your new balanced lifestyle goals. Head down to your local SPAR today to discover our range of tasty, convenient products to get you going. Keep up to date with our partnership and sign up to our E-newsletter for the latest deals, competitions, and SPAR news.