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Halloween might be over, but the party spirit continues with Bonfire Night. If you and your friends or family are thinking of hosting a Bonfire Night party, you may as well do it right. That means choosing the right Bonfire Night food, drink, games and of course, fireworks. Who said autumn evenings in the garden couldn’t be fun?

That’s why we’ve come up with a guide to Guy Fawkes Night party essentials – so you can get the party started with a bang! Check out these Bonfire party ideas and give your guests a night they won’t forget.


Bonfire Night Party Ideas

Sounds obvious, and it is. No Bonfire Night party is complete without the a few explosions in the garden.  If you’ve got a tree at the bottom of your garden, mounting a Catherine Wheel is a great way start the show, as are the fountains you can light from flower pots.

Most firework sets include these, as well as rockets, roman candles and sparklers. Let the lightshow begin!

Bonfire Night Food

Bonfire Night Food

Cold November evenings call for warming meals and snacks, so why not rustle up some quick and easy Bonfire night food, guaranteed to keep your guests in high spirits? Check out our guide to Bonfire Night Food for some tasty inspiration.

For some speedy snacks, you could always grab miniatures such as picnic eggs, bacon and cheese straws, and even cocktail sausages. Guests love to graze, and supplying plates of bite-size morsels means you can rest assured no one goes hungry. See what Bonfire Night food you can find in our grocery online.

Bonfire Night Drinks

For Bonfire Night drinks? Robinson’s squash and bottles of lemonade or other carbonated favourites are easy winners. Looking for something to warm you’re cockles while you’re out in the cold? Make Bonfire Night themed hot chocolates by adding whipped cream and popping candy sprinkled over the top – it’s the perfect way to get into the firework night spirit!

Bonfire Night Games

Bonfire Night Games

As fun as they are, standing in the garden watching fireworks can cause a bit of a chill, so why not play some outdoor games to keep everybody warm? Here are a few easy ideas for Bonfire Night games:

  1. Glow Bowling – place glow sticks into water bottles and create your very own set of glow-in-the-dark skittles, perfect for outdoor bowling.
  2. Glow Ring Toss – even if you use the kitchen roll holder, you can still make glow stick rings and play a traditional game of ring toss.
  3. Build-a-Guy – create your very own gunpowder plotter with an old broom, old clothing, tights, lots of old newspapers and a hat. Stuff the tights with newspaper (if you have any, you can also use straw or hay) and feed these as arms and legs through the clothes. Staple the clothes together and tie your Guy to the broom to keep him upright.
  4. Ring Doughnuts – this is great, especially when you have enough guests to make two teams. Tie ring doughnuts on string and hang them from a tree/coat hangers and see which team can eat the most (only using their mouths!) first!

Last but not least, it’s important that your guests wrap up warm to attend your Bonfire Night party. If anyone gets cold, having a stash of gloves, scarves and blankets to offer will make sure your party isn’t cut short due to frozen fingers or toes!

Now you’ve read all of our Bonfire Night party ideas, we hope you’re feeling inspired! Have you got everything you need for your Bonfire Night party? Visit your nearest convenience store today and grab all the drinks, snacks  and other Bonfire Night food you need to set off your party with a bang!