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Fires are beginning to crackle. Lights are starting to twinkle. Gifts are… in progress. The festive season is truly underway. And whether your ideal yuletide is a subdued affair spent gathered around a roaring fire, or you’re more the seasonal soiree type there’s something for everyone on our list of Christmas essentials. (We know, we’ve check it twice.)

From christmas party food, with snacks for peckish moments to those all-important Christmas drinks, featuring warming liqueurs for festive tipples, SPAR is there for you with a hamper’s worth of Christmas essentials. So, snuggle into your comfiest chair, grab a glass of something to warm your belly and join us as we delve into our carefully curated list of Christmas essentials.

Christmas Essentials: The List

 The SPAR elves have carefully curated our list of Christmas essentials, ensuring that it covers those all-important Christmas party food essentials, as well as providing a seasonal reminder or two. So, whether you’re crafting the perfect menu or planning an unforgettable party, we’ve got you covered.

Mince Pies

See!? We promised Christmas party food essentials, and it looks as though we’ll be making it to the nice list this year as we have delivered. An icon of the season; the undisputed heavyweight champion of the buffet table; a Christmas essential that’d make Santa himself nod with approval as he sees them on the shopping list.

The mighty mince pie.

Trust us, we’re experts. Our award-winning, luxury mince pies wowed the judges at the BBC Good Food’s Christmas Taste Awards 2021 AND the Olive Magazine Supermarket Awards. But if you prefer a more hands-on approach, you can try your hand at homemade mince pies with our recipe for homemade mince pies; a recipe guaranteed to see Kris Kringle pushing for an invite to your Christmas party.

Spirits & Liqueurs

If, like us, you begin mentally curating your Christmas drinks list months in advance, yet always, when the big day arrives, find yourself missing an all-important ingredient for a festive cocktail, let this entry in our Christmas essentials list serve as your reminder to snag some spirits and liqueurs for your stocking.

Stock your Christmas drinks cupboard with warming rhubarb and ginger gin for a warming yuletide cocktail, our French grain vodka (both award-winners) or slip into a sumptuous glass of Irish cream as the evening winds down. 

Whatever your Christmas drinks preference (we’re partial to a classic hot toddy), ensure that you’re stocked up on spirts for a cozy evening sat by the fire, or to provide you with courage for a sing-song around the (virtual) piano.


A brief detour from the world of Christmas party food and Christmas drinks to deliver a swift yet highly important reminder.

You need to buy stamps.

Inevitably, amid the frantic planning and frenzied shopping, something is forgotten. Don’t let it be that most underrated of Christmas essentials, the humble first-class stamp. Whether you’re sending cards to distant relatives or gifts to loved ones closer to (or even in) your home, prevent yourself from scrambling through drawers by taking advantage of our post office services.


Are the jokes cheesy? Yes. Does the paper crown ruffle your hair? Definitely. Would we omit them from our Christmas essentials list? Not on your sleigh. Imagine, for a moment, tucking into a festive feast, piled high with Christmas party food, without pausing between mouthfuls to pull a cracker with your neighbour. See? It’s just… wrong, isn’t it?

As we said, Christmas essential.


Buffet Food

“Oh, come all ye peckish, for you shall be inexplicably ravenous between meals.” – SPAR.

While, of course, the roast dinner is the main event of any yuletide feast, it’s important to provide assorted Christmas party food for those between-meal hunger pangs, post-meal moments of peckish-ness, and pre-meal appetite warmers.

From pigs in blankets to seafood sticks, veggie crispy nuggets to sausage rolls; you can customize your buffet table to perfection from selection of deals and groceries. And honestly, if you can’t indulge a little at Christmas, when can you?

Christmas Pudding

An acquired taste or a Christmas party food essential? It’s entirely up to you. No one quite knows how we came to celebrate Christmas by giving a diverse mixture of fruit and brandy the flambee treatment, but we do know that it’s delicious, and the perfect way to round up our list of Christmas essentials. And whether you’d prefer to buy a pre-made pudding or commit to following our easy Christmas pudding recipe, SPAR is there for you with pudd-spiraton galore. 

And there we have it, an expertly curated Christmas essentials list, from SPAR. You can pick up everything you need for your Christmas party food menu from your local SPAR. And, no matter how you’re celebrating, we wish you a very merry Christmas