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Unique Easter Scavenger Hunt Ideas You Have to Try

 As annual traditions go, Easter scavenger hunts are perhaps the most malleable - easily customisable for any age, interest, or ability level.

And if you’re looking to flex those creative muscles (and be rewarded with chocolatey goodness), an Easter scavenger hunt is exactly the type of activity you need.

So, whether you’re channelling your inner Poirot or taking a leaf out of John Silver’s playbook we’ve got devilishly clever Easter scavenger hunt ideas and fiendishly ingenious treasure maps, sure to delight kids and grown-ups.

How to Do a Scavenger Hunt for Easter

From deciphering cryptic clues to following to untangling string mazes, there are a wealth of creative ways to enjoy an Easter scavenger hunt.

And, as always, your mileage may vary, so feel free to tweak and adapt our suggestions as you see fit. (Unless you’re planning to ditch the chocolatey rewards. That we can’t allow.


String Maze 

Ideal for toddlers taking their first steps into Easter scavenger hunts, a string maze is a low-effort, high-reward activity guaranteed to delight kids and parents alike.

Easily customisable to be enjoyed indoors or outside (weather permitting), it’s the perfect way to brighten a little one’s day.

And it’s simple, too.

  • Purchase a long length of string.
  • Working backwards from the prize, create a winding maze with the string, ending at your little one’s bedroom door.
  • Optional: decorate the string with animals, flowers, and Easter eggs.

Voila! With your maze ready, all that’s left to do is assist your little one as they navigate the route, excitement growing as they close in on the prize.


Treasure Map

 If you’re looking for Easter scavenger hunt ideas suited to kids between five and eight, a treasure map is an ideal way to inject some creativity into Easter morning and subtly engage their deductive reasoning skills.

And while mostly self-explanatory, you may want to keep a few things in mind when planning your cunning quest.


  • If you’re using a public outdoor space, consider working within a predetermined area.
  • Don’t bury food. Only clues that lead to food.
  • Try staining your treasure map with a used tea bag for maximum authenticity!

Cryptic Clues

A unique Easter scavenger hunt idea that can be adapted to suit promising young detectives or grizzled veterans. (Kids and grown-ups.)

For this activity, participants follow a series of cryptic clues heading in the direction of confection.

The number of clues – and their difficulty – is entirely up to you, but we’d recommend 3 – 5 clues, steadily escalating in difficulty.

You could also consider:

  • Creative a narrative! For example, a missing Easter egg mystery with each clue serving as another installment in the story, and your final clue wrapping up the plot.
  • Dress it up! Whether classic dear-stalkers or dignified monocles, fully immerse your participants in the mystery aesthetic.

Also, if you find yourself stuck for ideas for Easter scavenger hunt clues, you could consider riddles, too!

Headlamp Hunt [Adults Only!]

An after-hours Easter scavenger hunt for adults!

Not unlike our cryptic clues suggestion, a headlamp hunt revolves around the notion of decoding enigmatic clues, each piecing together a wider mystery.

However, a headlamp hunt a) takes place entirely in the dark, and b) sees participants rewarded with the individual ingredients for a decadent Easter cocktail.

And voila! A selection of unique Easter scavenger hunt ideas, perfect for infusing your Easter celebrations with fun and intrigue.

For more Easter ideas, be sure to check out some of our other Easter blogs. And if you’re looking for tasty bites for your Easter menu, we’ve got inspiration aplenty in our recipes section.

And don’t forget, your local SPAR is open throughout Easter, for whenever inspiration strikes.