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Veganuary is just around the corner. And if you’re taking the vegan pledge for the first time, you’ll need to be equipped with a batch of simple vegan recipes to ease you into the transition and tantalise your tastebuds.

At a casual glance, plant-based cooking can seem daunting, but that couldn’t be further from the truth, and we’ve pulled together a selection of the best easy vegan recipes for beginners. From sumptuous soups to curries with a kick, we’ve got something for every level of plant-based cook.

Easy Vegan Recipes: Our Picks

Whether you’re dipping your toe into veganism as part of a lifestyle change, or simply looking to include some plant-based deliciousness in your weekly rotation, you’ll find something on our list. 

Our selections require minimal effort but deliver maximum taste. (We taste-test everything.) So, let’s dive in, shall we?

Easy Vegan Curry Recipe

And we’re starting off strong! A staple of any weekly meal plan, curries are a versatile hero meal; ideal for either a simple midweek meal or paired with sides for a Friday feast.

But you needn’t cut curries from your plans if you’re switching to a plant-based diet. Oh, no. Our easy vegan curry is so-called as it’s the easiest of easy vegan recipe, delivering a creamy, aromatic delight.

Lentil Soup

A bona fide winter warmer; perfect for eating as a hearty (and healthy) lunch or paired with crusty bread for a wholesome dinner. Our rich, nutritious lentil soup is filled with fibre, providing a boost to bones as well as lowering cholesterol levels.  But, aside from that it’s utterly delicious, and a simple vegan recipe perfect for batch-cooking and freezing.

Mushroom Pasta

Continuing the trend of hearty yet deceptively easy vegan recipes, this moreish mushroom pasta is the ultimate in midweek comfort food. Easily customisable with the pasta of your choice (just ensure it isn’t egg-based), our garlic-infused mushroom pasta is ideal for families. Or saved for seconds. Or batch cooked for freezing. Basically, it’s versatile.

Homemade Nut Roast

No longer confined to the festive season, the homemade nutroast is the perfect accompaniment to freshly roasted vegetables as part of an iconic Sunday roast. A little higher on the difficulty scale of easy vegan recipes, but still achievable for a beginner. And if you’re seeking something different in your midweek meals, simply pair the nut roast with a potato-based side of your choice (we recommend thick-cut wedges) for a satisfyingly homely dinner.

Vegan Brownie with Walnuts

You didn’t think we’d serve you savoury recipes without offering up something sweet for dessert, did you? Our gooey, chewy vegan brownie is the treat you deserve after all that plant-based cookery. Infuse with vanilla extract for a heavenly, caramel-y taste, and be sure to bake a large batch – people will want to try them.


And there you have it. Our list of easy vegan recipes for beginners to kickstart your plant-based journey this Veganuary. For more vegan cooking ideas, be sure to visit our recipe hub for a range of equally satisfying, equally easy vegan recipes.

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