Picture the scene. Bing Crosby is gently playing in the background, children’s laughter rings around the lounge as they sample their new toys. Your tranquil scene is momentarily disturbed by the high-pitched greeting from your excited children as your sister and her family come through the porch in their new matching Christmas jumpers. After a warm greeting, you say the words, “Let me get you a drink, help yourself to a snack…” as you present the silver trays filled high with the finest mince pies and Christmas appetisers.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? But the scene wouldn’t be quite so perfect without the right Christmas snacks to offer your arrivals. Here we’ll take a look at our favourite Christmas snacks, from Christmas chocolates to the best mince pies and a few Christmas savoury snack ideas that will satisfy your guests without spoiling their dinner! All available from your local convenience store, even on the day itself.

Our Choice of Christmas Chocolates

Chocolate is synonymous with Christmas. It’s one of those few times of the year where we’re happy to send our little ones off to school with a small piece of advent calendar chocolate as a breakfast chaser. So naturally, chocolate should be a part of your Christmas snack shopping list. But which should you choose?

Our tip is to go for a spot of luxury. Offer up some chocolates that you wouldn’t readily have in the cupboard for a tea-time treat. Some classic Christmas chocolates include:

  • Ferrero Rocher – hazelnuts, wafer, smooth chocolate ganache and beautifully presented with its golden foil resting on a paper pillow. These are a real taste of Christmas and just light enough to offer a guest on arrival.
  • Quality Street – you’ll find some great offers on these in store this year. From caramel kegs to green triangles and strawberry creams, these are ideal for all the family to munch on pre-dinner or during the Queen’s speech.
  • Lindt’s Lindor – at Christmas time there are many limited-edition flavours available in these delightful little spheres of firm chocolate shell crammed with smooth and creamy chocolate mousse. Coconut, orange, strawberry – there’s plenty to choose from.
  • Matchmakers – light yet incredibly more-ish, these little sticks are packed full of tangy mint or orange flavour; a useful palette cleanser and welcoming light snack on arrival.
  • After Eight Mints – the tasty ending to most dinner parties, and as many of us won’t host too many lavish ones of those outside of December, treat yourself and your guests with creamy mint finish to the day’s dining.

Which Mince Pies Should You Pick?

Soft, crumbly and buttery pastry, warming brandy-soaked fruits and spices and a sweet sugary top. A welcome Christmas appetiser for all your guests and for the big man himself to enjoy on Christmas eve if one is left out for him (find out more amongst our ideas for Christmas Eve excitement).

These fruity festive favourites are a must-have on your Christmas Day menu. And when it comes to choosing the best mince pies to buy, why not pick some award-winning ones? SPAR’s luxury all butter mince pies have recently been awarded gold in the Christmas Quality Food Awards. With judge’s comments including, “The richly spiced mincemeat is moist and juicy. It generously fills the buttery, crisp casing. A moreish Christmassy pie.”. Pick up a box of six at your local convenience store.


The Best Christmas Biscuits

A Christmas biscuit selection isn’t just a gift for grandad. A luxury box of Fox’s finest can be enjoyed by all the family and they even come in their own presentation tray to save you any hassle. Better still, they are on offer over the festive period. There are some traditional Christmas biscuits however that are always worth having on standby:

  • Fig rolls
  • Brandy snaps
  • Shortbread
  • Gingerbread men

All packed with festive spicy flavours and offer a certain grandeur of appearance to grace any snack tray.

The Savoury Christmas Snacks You’re Searching For

We’ve been quite generous on the sugar up to now, so to finish, let’s consider some savoury Christmas snacks. These are the types of Christmas appetisers that you can offer while the Turkey is resting and the pigs in blankets are crisping up.

Peanuts, crisps and breadsticks are commonplace and are a thirst inducing bite alongside those arrival drinks. Other savoury Christmas snacks include:

  • Olives on sticks
  • Bell peppers filled with goat’s cheese
  • Mini sausage rolls
  • Twiglets
  • Mini cheddars
  • Chestnuts – it’s up to you whether they are roasted on an open fire!

Whichever you choose, try and keep strong flavours to a minimum – neutral flavours like ready salted is always a good bet to not confuse the palette ahead of the many flavours featured in the main meal.

Stock Up on Christmas Snacks at SPAR

Make sure your guests’ Christmas Day welcome includes some delicious treats to enjoy alongside their welcome drinks and later with a Christmas movie when darkness falls. Find great offers on everything you need for a day to remember at your local convenience store! And don’t worry if your guest list has suddenly swelled at the last minute, most of our stores are open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas, from SPAR.