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Halloween Starter Kit: The List

If, like us, you’ve been frantically scribbling down Halloween party ideas for several months, and you’d welcome any additional inspiration - even if it costs your soul.

Fortunately, you needn’t bargain with the beyond, as SPAR is there for you this Halloween with a burlap sack filled with Halloween party ideas; from demonically delicious Halloween drinks to sensationally spooky Halloween food ideas.

So, come forth as we creak open the crypt and see what suggestions the keeper has for your Halloween starter kit.

Trick or Treat Party Items

Trick or treating, or ‘Mumming’, as it was called in the 17th century (look it up) is Halloween staple.

And whether you’re donning your freakish finery and hosting a trick or treat party - stalking the neighborhood in search of terrifyingly tantalizing treats, or simply joining in with ghoulish glee by supplying the treats, you’ll need lots of Halloween food and sweets.

From the iconic sour snake and flying saucer partnership, sure to conjure memories of school discos past, to healthier Halloween food ideas like pineapple chunks and popcorn, and even haunting homemade Halloween food ideas like our blood curdling bat cakes, ensure your first (and foremost) Halloween starter kit item is something for trick or treaters, both big and small.

Spirits (Adults only!) 

‘Tis the season! And if the spirits are to be set free in the streets, see that some of them are siphoned into your glass. Besides, what better way for you and your guests to toast the witching hour with an expertly curated Halloween cocktail or two?

Whether you’re unleashing the monstrous mixologist within with concoctions from our spirits festival or seeking the perfect punch, we’ve got award-winning spirits, freshly freed from the vault, seeking only the  perfect glass.


If your Halloween party ideas hinge on the notion of scaring yourself (and your guests) senseless with scary movies as part of a gruesome scare-a-thon, then you’ll need the appropriate Halloween food accompaniment. In other words, you’ll need pizza. 

A perfect Halloween pairing since time immemorial (otherwise known as the late 90s), grabbing a pizza and settling in to be scared out of your wits in front of the TV is a time-honoured tradition.

But… wait. Isn’t that how horror films often start? Friends gathered round a table, bathed in light from the TV? But then, the oven pings and one lone friend ventures into the darkened kitchen to retrieve the pizza, only to be confronted by… a difficult choice regarding which dips to choose for the crusts.

Phew. Crisis averted.

Ice Cream

As your evening winds down, and you either make your grand exit from the Halloween party (cloud of smoke optional) you’ll require a chaser; something comforting to steel frayed nerves and remind you that the monsters can’t reach you. Ice cream. You’ll need ice cream. (And a blanket fort. For warding off said unholy beings).

Peanut butter ice cream should be your go-to, as – and we’ve checked this – only demons loathe peanut butter ice cream. Eaten straight from the tub, or decanted into a ceremonial bowl and decorated so it looks like a pumpkin, ice cream is the perfect way to ward off evil spirts and close out your Halloween in style.

Bonus Entry: Halloween Activities

An additional entry to our list. An addendum, of sorts. And, while not a tangible item, no Halloween celebration – Halloween party or otherwise - is complete without spooky Halloween activities.

Whether enjoyed as a family or adapted for adults (see: our spooky cocktails above) our Halloween activities ensure that your Halloween party appeases all those who dare to enter. Your guests...

Happy Halloween! 

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