The time has come again, and everywhere you look lay hearts, chocolates and red roses aplenty. Yes, we’re talking about the joys of Valentine’s Day. But this holiday of love doesn’t need to be all about couples. Some of the best love is found in friendships and there’s no better time to celebrate the love you have for your own besties than with a fun-filled Galentine’s Day.

Say what?

Yep, Galentine’s Day. For those who have seen Parks and Recreation, the Galentine’s Day meaning will be all too familiar but for those who haven’t, the concept was catapulted into the world thanks to Amy Poehler’s character, Leslie Knope, in this popular TV show. After the idea of Galentine’s Day gained so much support, the world said “yes” to Knope in 2010 and eight years later, gals around the world are still living out the joys of this very real event.

When is Galentine’s Day?

Traditionally celebrated on the 13th of February, Galentine’s Day is focused on the enjoyment of female friendships. More specifically over a prosecco-laden brunch, chowing down on waffles with whipped cream. Its popularity has grown over the years with various celebrities getting on board the Galentine’s Day train. So, how can you have the best Galentine’s Day party imaginable and truly ‘kick-it breakfast style with your ladies’?

Think about your guest list

This special occasion is all about celebrating love, and there’s no better way to show love to your friends on Valentine’s Day than with an intimate dinner party. You can, of course, choose to host a party of epic guest list proportions but by keeping it small, you’ll get to really cherish the time spent together. Isn’t that what a Valentine's Day party is all about?

What about the decor?

What’s a Valentine’s party without some Valentine's Day party decorations? Add splashes of classic red and pink Valentine's decor into your home. Think banners and balloons for the hallway and confetti and candles for your tables.

You can also create something from the heart with DIY decorations. These are a great way to show your guests just how much they mean to you. Pick up some coloured paper and glitter and create some loving, homemade Galentine’s Day decorations.

For unique touches, not to mention tasty treats for your hand-picked guest to munch on, take some clear bowls, cocktail glasses and champagne flutes and fill these up with sugary tokens of your affection. Thankfully, shops will be brimming with heart-shaped sweets, chocolates and other goodies all in the name of love.

Add a theme

A great way to inject a little fun is with a Valentine’s Day party theme. Dress up as famous loved-up couples or get your friends to come as human Valentine’s Day cards. You could even encourage your friends to cover themselves in flowers and hearts from head to toe. Perfect for those who love to wear their heart quite literally on their sleeves.

And if you don’t feel like getting all dressed up? You don’t have to.

A Galentine’s Day party can be just as fun in a casual capacity. Just throw on a pair of cosy pyjamas, feast on home-cooked Valentine’s party food and spend this loved-up occasion with a selection of pink cocktails and trashy romcoms. Another great Valentine’s party idea is to throw a pamper party and offer treatments such as manicures and pedicures for the ultimate girlie Galentine’s.

For a more hands-on Valentine’s Day party theme, why not host a loved-up craft-ernoon? Pick up ribbon, card, gems and pots of paint and get creative. What better way to show your besties how much you treasure than with a little handmade treasure all of your own? You could even cut out some paper hearts with written forfeits for a fun Valentine’s Day game or make a home-made red beanbag and toss it around for another party game of ‘who can catch my heart?’

What about treats?

Valentine’s party food and drink should be a staple on any Galentine’s Day party list. Kick things off with a special Valentine’s love potion made up of any red or pink drinks of your liking. Cherry juice and pink lemonade are the perfect components for Valentine’s party cocktails. And when it comes to Valentine's party food, there are plenty of edible ruby-hued foods. Offer up mini bowls of tomato soup, heart-shaped pepperoni pizzas or some white chocolate covered strawberries to go with your waffles, a la Leslie Knope Galentine’s Day style.

Now you’re stocked up with our Galentine’s Day ideas, get everything you need for your girlie get together from your local SPAR store.