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It’s not long into the summer holidays before you’re to hear the dreaded remarks “There’s nothing to do!”. Is Pokémon Go the only way to get kids outside? No way! We’ve compiled a list of summer garden activities and outdoor games great for getting everyone out in the sun.


Making the most out of your garden is way easier than you think. Enjoy our eight fun summer garden ideas for some simple, cheap and most importantly, awesome garden activities.

Garden Sports

1. Croquet Away With Garden Sports…

If you’re stuck for summer garden ideas, why not start with some garden sports and more specifically, croquet? It’s not only the well-to-do who play a spot of croquet, you know. Although it seems pretty fancy, croquet is fun, perfect for every age group and you’d be surprised how many cheap sets are available to buy.

Throw in a glass of something sparkling for the adults and you’ll feel practically regal, darling.

Summer Garden Ideas

2. Make a Racquet

Just because you don’t have your own tennis courts, doesn’t mean you can’t play garden sports! Badminton and tennis racquets can always be picked up on the cheap. Yes, they may not be the best quality, but they will tide you over until you’re at Wimbledon.

Get yourself some racquets and shuttlecocks – and you’re good to go!

Lawn Games

3. Lawn Twister

As far as lawn games go, this one is super easy, really cool and straight up FUN. Simply get some water-based coloured spray cans, spray some circles onto your lawn, and bam – TWISTER. The water-based paint means your lawns will stay intact and while we’re not sure if this counts as sport, it’s definitely exercise… sort of…

Summer Garden Activities

4. DIY Beer Cooler / Kids Summer Juice Stand

Who wants to have to go all the way to the fridge to get a top up? Uh, no thanks! For a vintage looking drinks cooler, why not pull out your old wheelbarrow? Perfect for entertaining a lot of guests, and it sure beats it just sitting in the shed.

Fill with ice, throw in some beers or some soft drinks for the kids and you’re ready to go! Perfect if you’re having the friends round for a BBQ!

Fun Outdoor Games

5. Family Picnic

When thinking of summer garden activities, sometimes it’s easy to miss the obvious. Thought about taking dinner al fresco? Pack a picnic box, maybe a BBQ – it’s a great way to make some memories, have a bit of fun and indulge in some extra special treats while you’re at it. (Plus, with no one driving, it means Mum and Dad can have a cheeky drink!) Check out our easy BBQ food ideas and tips to make sure your evening goes as smoothly as planned.


Outdoor Summer Games

6. Light My Fire

It may be summer, but let’s get real, the UK still gets chilly in the evenings. Squeeze every last second out of these summer nights by making a fire pit. As simple as a circle of stones to control the flames, it can be as complex or rustic as you like (or take the easy way out and not buy one!).

Marshmallows are optional, but adult supervision is mandatory for this one, kids!

DIY Summer Garden Ideas

7. Open Air Screening

Ok, ok, this one is a little more ambitious. You might have to ask around, but there’s always someone who’ll have what you need. Realistically, an outdoor cinema can be yours with a projector, screen and speakers.

It’s no bad thing that you might need some help from your friends for this one, as you can share it them and watch movies or sports together. And, let’s not forget, popcorn and drinks are way cheaper from SPAR.

Outdoor Games

8. King of the Swingers

One word – hammocks. A hammock needs somewhere to hang from and that’s it. Watch the sport, read a book or have a little snooze – trust us, whatever you want to do just became a thousand times more relaxed. Maximum comfort, minimum effort – a hammock is the easiest and comfiest of the summer garden ideas we’ve provided!

Now you’ve read all of our fun summer garden ideas, we hope you’re feeling inspired and ready to give some of our suggestions a go! Just head down to your local SPAR store to get stocked up on tasty snacks and drinks.